First of all we would like to thank each and every person who entered our Father’s Day Competition. We had a number of great responses and we’re please to announce the lucky winners are:

FIRST PRIZE: The TurboPlane

SECOND PRIZE: $50.00 shopping voucher to spend at our online store

THIRD PRIZE:  $25.00 shopping voucher to spend at our online store 



Please contact us to claim your prizes by emailing your details to

Thank you again everyone who participated in our competition.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next competition coming soon!

Father’s Day Competition

This competition is super easy!
All you have to do is tell us in 25 words or less why YOU (or your father) deserve to win the TurboPlane. You can leave your comment in the comments section below this blog post under “Post a Comment” and then hit “publish”. Done! You have now entered the competition and will be in the running to win one of the three prizes.
Spread the word! Submit your comments TODAY!

There are three levels of prizes on offer:


The TurboPlane – valued at $159.00


$50.00 shopping voucher redeemable to purchase at our online store


$25.00 shopping voucher redeemable to purchase at our online store

Competition starts TODAY Thursday 16th August 2012.
Winners will be announced on our blog and Facebook page on Wednesday 29th August 2012.
Good luck!

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Arbortech Staff Woodworking Competition

A couple of weeks ago we showcased our staff woodworking project competition winners.

If you missed our previous blog post on the competition winners you can read all about it and see photos here.

We had other great projects on the day and here we are thrilled at our staff’s participation and enthusiasm so a big congratulations to all! 

“Daintree Dreaming”

Created by: Kristine (Executive Director)

“Daintree Dreaming”
 Fact: The cassowary is the world’s most dangerous bird, capable of dealing fatal blows. This bird lives in the rain forests of Australia and New Guinea and it is on the list of endangered species.
This is Kristine’s creation of a cassowary which bears a great resemblance to the real bird itself. Great work!

Wood used: black heart sassafras (Tasmania)

Tools used: Mini Grinder and sander. Finished with Arboroil and acrylic paint


Created by: Christine (Secretary)


 This was Christine’s first attempt at woodworking with her creation of “Fish” 

Great effort Christine!

Wood used: Wandoo and driftwood

Tools used: Jigsaw, Mini-Industrial, Mini Sander and Power Chisel 


Created by: Stephen M (Financial Controller)

“Wandurl” bowl
This bowl was originally a lumpy piece of wood and Stephen has created a bowl that can be used as a decorative piece or a practical household item.

Wood used: Wandoo burl 
Tools used: Mini Indistrial, TurboPlane, Mini TurboPlane, Sanding pads, Arboroil 

“Ying Yang…Yong”

Created by: Anton (Production Line)

“Ying Yang…Yong” Bowl

This beautiful bowl was created by Anton and would serve as a highly functional bowl to separate nick nacks or organize things nicely. 

Wood used: Camphor wood
Tools used: Mini Grinder, Mini Industrial Blade, TurboPlane, Mini Sanders, Sanding Kit, Sand Sealer, Arboroil, Varnish


“Used to be a hole in this bowl”

Created by: Anton (Production Line)

“Used to be a hole in this bowl”

 This bowl originally had a huge hole in it and the finished product was produced by patching the hole with lots and lots of wood putty and wood dust and glue.
Wood used: Jarrah

Tools used: Industrial Blade, TurboPlane, Mini Grinder and Mini Sanders 


Created by: Junior (Blade Supervisor)


Why buy a vase when you can make one?

Wood used: Pine
Tools used: Mini Carver and TurboPlane


Created by: Lily (Assistant Accountant)


Lily created this decorative piece named “Yuan” which translate to “I am lucky to meet you in this life”

Tools used: Power Chisel

“Boat of Time”

Created by: Rocky (Engineer)

“Boat of Time”

Great decorative piece.

 Wood used: Pine
Tools used: TurboPlane and Mini Industrial

“The Bowl of Frustration”

Created by: Craig (Customer Service & Technical)

“The Bowl of Frustration”

Useful bowl for multipurpose storage.

 Wood used: Laminated plywood
Tools used: Mini Industrial, Mini TurboPlane, Mini sanders, Arboroil

“Strength in Music”

Created by: Bill (Production Line)

“Strength in Music”

Bill found a broken coffee table on the verge of a rubbish collection and he drew on his own design for the top and used the power chisel to carve the design.

Tools used: Power chisel

“Obscure Fruit Bowl”

Created by: Jade (Production Line)

“Obscure Fruit Bowl”

An alternative and unique shape to the conventional fruit bowl.

Wood used: Mallee root wood
Tools used: Mini grinder, Mini sander, Arboroil


Created by: Barry (Production)


Barry created an African Fang Ngal mask and set on a stand which makes a fabulous decorative piece of art.

Wood used: Green eucalyptus
Tools used: TurboPlane, Industrial Blade, Woodcarver, Sanding pads

“Living By the Nile”& “The Pyramid Train”

Created by: Peter (Production Supervisor)

“Living By the Nile”

Art on wood.

Wood used: Green eucalyptus
Tools used: TurboPlane, Industrial Blade, Woodcarver, Sanding pads, Mini Carver, Power Chisel 

“Purple Squares”

Created by: Matt (Product Design)

“Purple Squares”

Bowls for all sorts of different uses.

Wood used: South American “Purple heart”
Tools used: Mini grinder, Mini TurboPlane, Mini Sanders, Arboroil, Arborwax 


Created by: Stephen E (Production Supervisor)


A beautiful portrait carving of Stephen’s child.

Wood used: MDF
Tools used: Power chisel and Arboroil


Created by: Ada (Production Line)


We all love Nemo!

Wood used: MDF
Tools used: Power chisel

We hope you have enjoyed viewing these photos of our staff woodworking projects and remember, if you have your own woodworking projects you would like to share with us please do send them in to us! 
Email your photos directly here or post them on our Facebook Fan page!

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