Featured Articles: Arbortech TurboPlane in British Woodworking Publication

After many months of research and development the TurboPlane finally went through to design approval and several months later was given the first breathe of life. The Arbortech team was hugely proud of the finished product after receiving first production samples of the TurboPlane.
We had demonstrated the TurboPlane at several woodworking shows prior to the release of the TurboPlane and it received much interest and anticipation from woodworkers, some amateur and some professionals.

Having been in the Australian market for four months to date we’ve received feedback from the market that substantiates our belief it is our best woodcarving blade we’ve ever produced.

Here is a link to a the July/August 2012 British Woodworking magazine article which features a product review on the TurboPlane.
This review was entirely independent and based on the views of the Product Testing Reviewer.
Great review! You can download and read the review here http://arbortech.com.au/upload/pages/downloads/print-articles/lw23.p48-53.kitandcourses.pdf

In the August/September 2012 issue of the British Woodworking magazine, they also ran another review and on the TurboPlane as well as a short interview with Arbortech’s CEO and TurboPlane Inventor on how he came up with our newest woodcarving tool.
Download and read the article here http://arbortech.com.au/upload/pages/downloads/print-articles/bw31.p54-59.ontest.pdf


Own a TurboPlane? We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on your experience with using this woodcarving blade. http://www.arbortech-turboplane.com/

Don’t own one yet? Try one today and experience the ease and precision of smooth cuts, control and rapid freehand wood sculpting and planing today!
And then let us know how you went and your experience because we’d love to hear it!

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