Woodworking Monkey Sculpture…Continued…

Further to our blog post on Friday which we had posted Woodcarver Justin Gordon’s impressive gorilla sculpture, we have close up photos of the detailing on the carving.

As always we are pleased our woodworking tools help in the creation of woodworker’s pieces of art  and this amazing woodcarving piece by the artist himself, Justin Gordon. This shows the power of passion, skills and great tools produces great woodworking art!

Check out the photos below.

What do you think of this sculpture? We’d love to hear your thoughts and we welcome you to post your comments in the section below.

To view more of Justin Gordon’s work visit his website at www.ElwinDesigns.com

If you’ve been following our social media channels such as our Facebook Page you will see we share a lot of photos of customers who use Arbortech tools for different woodworking purposes.
We recently received some photos from a customer from the United States which totally knocked our socks off with his amazing and grand sculpture of gorilla which sits perched on a chair.

 It is phenomenal to see just a tree stump with the (carving base at 9 feet high) being transformed to this wonderfully grand sculpture.
Sculptor of this carving, Justin Gordon used Arbortech’s Mini Grinder in the process of creating this carving which he comments “the grinder makes great hair and is a good shaper.” 

Check out the amazing photos below.

How is that for a project inspiration!
To see more of Justin Gordon’s work you can visit his website at http://www.elwindesigns.com/

Do you have a wood carving you created which you used Arbortech tools? We’d love for you to share them with us! Email them in to us or post them on our Facebook page!