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Featured Local Talent: Flint Edwards 

The Wood & Ice Sculpture

At Arbortech, we love woodworking.
We also love seeing what woodworkers – whether they’re an amateur, intermediate or even at the professional level create because of their love of woodworking and passion for creating such artwork from our tools.

In this blog post we’d like to feature a local WA talent by the name of Flint Edwards, who is a professional wood and ice sculpture.Flint commits to sculpting full time and makes his income from doing what he loves best.

Flint has been a dedicated Arbortech tool user for many many years and to this very day, still uses Arbortech tools in the majority of his amazing wood art. “They’re [Arbortech tools] all good tools and I’ve been using the original Industrial Woodcarver blade since it first came out, and that’s over 20 years ago and I’ve been using it for that long.”

“Arbortech’s [tools] have been the main tool for the whole project. For the creation of birds and those animals alike, I use the Industrial Woodcarver but that is mostly for the larger parts of the feathers. I use the mini Arbortech [Mini Grinder] on the smaller parts of the feathers, in the grooves of it and then I use the sanding discs. The Power Chisel is good for getting in on the sides of certain areas of the sculpture and the edges. It’s a really handy tool.”

While seeing Flint’s wooden sculptures in pictures and photos is amazing, it is even more impressive in real life.

So we decided on a little field trip out to visit Flint at the Flag Motor Lodge located at 129 Great Eastern Highway, Perth WA to see him at work in the flesh carving amazing Australian native animals out of the trees surrounding the motel. 
At first glance you’ll probably miss the wooden animals as it is tucked away amongst the tree branches. Having spotted the animals it really does strike to you the amazing work and effort by Flint. 
The photos below of the Australian animals are carved and located at various locations around the premise of the Flag Motor Lodge. 
 Flint and his favorite kangaroo wood sculpture at Motor Lodge. 
The kangaroo is located at the front of the motel drive through entrance

 Native Australian animal sculpture in progress

So, how’s that for inspiration! 
We asked Flint if he had any tips in creating such adept woodworking art…
“I taught sculpture class for about five years and basically it’s just like working on a two dimensional and looking at the side profile first. A lot of things now, I’m pretty well in touch with what’s where and all that kind of stuff. I think the best thing ever for me is doing ice sculptures. I don’t have time to stand back and think about it. I’ve got to already see it in the ice, especially when I’m doing ice performances. You know, it’s the WOW factor. People are thinking “What is that?” and not giving them any idea what it is until the end and then they get to see the end result. So visualization of the sculpture before you actually do it, so it’s already there but you’ve got to make it happen. For wood sculptures, you just follow the same kind of mental thought patterns.
What do you think of Flint’s work? We’d love to hear your comments!
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