Congratulations to….

You are the lucky winner of Arbortech’s Guess & Win The Tool Contest!

We anticipated many people would be able to correctly guess what the new will be correctly. This was the case however, there can only be 1 winner.
As specified in the contest, the winner with the most accurate description of the Mini TURBO. Aldo Shiroma Uza best described the tool with his expression of “with replaceable carbide teeth”.

Congratulations again Aldo Shiroma Uza on your win of the Mini TURBO! We hope you will enjoy the tool!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their guess in our contest. As a thank you, we would like to offer you a discount on your purchase of the Mini TURBO.
Please email our sales department to place your order and redeem your discount!

Thank you again everyone who entered and stay tuned for more competitions in the near future!

Guess & Win Competition!

We are hugely excited about the Australian launch of a new Arbortech tool in May 2013!
In anticipation of this launch we will be running a Guess and Win Contest!

How To Enter: 
The contest is simple. All you have to do is submit your guess of what the new Arbortech tool along with a brief description of your guessed tool.

The Prize:
The person to correctly guess the new Arbortech tool will receive the actual tool!

Spread the word! And start your guess today!

Good luck!! 

Competition starts Friday 5th April and ends  Thursday 11th April 2013 4.00pm WST .
Winner will be announced on Friday 12th April 2013 via Facebook and our blog.

Terms & Conditions
Please note for your submission to be counted you must provide the name and a description of the tool. The more accurate the description, the better. This will enable us to judge and pick from the contest entries which one best describes the tool and pick a winner. 
Should there be multiple correct guesses from different entrants, the submission with the best and most accurate name and description  of the tool will be announced as the winning entry. Limit of one guess per person. Should you have already submitted a guess and would like to elaborate, please feel free to. If you have submitted multiple guesses we will  take your first submission as the valid entry.