In our previous blog post we featured the Arbortech staff woodworking competition winners.
If you missed our previous blog post on the competition winners you can check it out here.
We had some great submissions from our staff and we’d like to share these projects with you to showcase their fantastic work. Check out the woodworking projects below.


Plywood Cluster Table
 This table will be one of six, creating a cluster table.
Created by: Kevin Inkster (CEO)
Wood used: Plywood Cluster Table

Arbortech tools used:

Kevin at work on his cluster table


Myrtle Turtle 

Created by: Kristine Inkster (Executive Director)

Wood used: Queensland Myrtle wood
Arbortech tools used:

Kristine carving the details on the turtle


Celtic Door
Created by: Matthew Cormack (R&D)

Wood used: Pine wood

Arbortech tools used:














Celtic Door was milled to size and doweled


Perth Skyline
Created by: Nora Redzwan (Sales)

Wood used: Camphor wood

Arbortech tools used:



Representation of Perth Skyline
My Grand Daughter’s Clock
Created by: Peter Tashjian (Production)
A photo calendar with monthly and yearly photos were inserted into round pockets into their appropriate location. A clock was mounted, chiselled letters and the face of Peter’s grand-daughter were inscribed.

Arbortech tools used:














Peter’s clock for his grand-daughter



Created by: Steve Marsh (Finance Dept)

Wood used: Pine wood

Arbortech tools used:



“Stretch” giraffe


The Golden Dragon

Created by: Barry Fitzpatrick (Production)

Wood used: Jarrah

Arbortech tools used:

Using the Power Chisel to carve out the dragon


Stool With Sad Face
Created by: Rocky Xu (R&D)
Wood used: Pine wood

Arbortech tools used:


Carving from the wood using the Mini TURBO


Pagan Cross

Created by: Bill Ginn (Manufacturing Team)
Wood used: Curly Jarrah

Arbortech tools used:



Using the Power Chisel to carve out the cross



Live, Love, Laugh
Created by: Christine Taylor (Secretary)

Wood used: Sheoak

Arbortech tools used:



Christine’s piece and message was inspired by Vicky Galbraith’s attitude to life

Created by: Peter Godden (Arbortech shareholder)Turbo Fossil

This was Peter’s first time using the TURBO Plane and he said that “the TURBO Plane allowed me to express my creative desires in a way that gave me the freedom to explore different techniques, textures and shapes which were previously difficult to achieve. Whilst the convex of this piece invokes the observer to experience texture, shadow, form in contrast, the concave face offers the subtle qualities of colour and grain patterns. So it is with this sculpture I have looked at opposing surfaces, allowing a deeper appreciation of my creative process, the wonders of natural wood and the great tools to carve it with.

Wood used: Sheoak

Arbortech tools used:



Peter’s first experience using the TURBO Plane and he loved it
REMINDER: We hope you have enjoyed viewing our staff competition woodworking projects and stirred some inspiration in you to use Arbortech tools to create some amazing woodworking projects and sculptures.
What are your thoughts on our staff’s woodworking projects? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave your comments below in the comments section.


The public Woodworking Competition has been extended and closes on Monday 22nd July 2013 by 4.00pm WST.
We are still accepting entries so please send through your entries by clicking here.
Enter your woodworking project today for a chance to win a fantastic Arbortech tools pack up to the value of $1,000 AUD!
For all competition details and entry forms please click here.
Best of luck!!

As you may have read from our previous blog post, Arbortech celebrated 25 years in business this year on June 30th by hosting a anniversary party which one of the event’s highlights was the staff woodworking competition.


Last year we ran an Arbortech staff woodworking competition for the first time and the woodworking projects that were submitted showed us that our staff are quite the wood artists!  Click hereto see last year’s woodworking project submissions by our staff.


This year’s woodworking project entries were just as fantastic and it’s great to see the woodworking skills of our staff have improved and they have gone on to create more fabulous woodworking pieces.


The winning woodworking project were awarded prizes in the categories of;

  • People’s Choice
  • Most Practical
  • Best Project Plan
  • Best Novice


Drumroll please….here are the winning staff woodworking projects for 2013.


Winner “People’s Choice” 

This piece represented the project that received the most votes at the show. This is a chip and dip bowl which Junior spontaneously thought up when the woodworking competition was announced.


The “One”

Created by: Junior Linke (Manufacturing Team)

Wood used: Olive wood

Arbortech tools used:



Junior hard at work on his project


Winner “Most Practical” 

For the second year in a row, Bela has reclaimed the title for the “Most Practical” project. The “Souper Ladle” is now a permanent kitchen utensil in Bela’s household.


“Souper Ladle”

Created by: Bela Inkster (Graphic Designer)

Wood used: Olive wood and Jarrah

Arbortech tools used:



Winner “Best Project Plan”

For the second year in a row, Sven has won a prize in the woodworking competition. Last year he won the “Best In Show” title for his “Contemplation Bench” and this year still a winner, won the “Best Project Plan” category for his well documented project plan of his Sculpted Coffee Table.


“Sculpted Coffee Table”

Created by: Sven Blicks (General Manager)

Wood used: Jarrah board and Karri, sourced from a salvage yard

Arbortech tools used:



“Sculpted Coffee Table” with removable top


Weekend project – Sven working on his woodworking project



Sculpted coffee table work in progress
Winner “Best Novice”

This is Ismail’s first woodworking project and everyone was impressed with what was produced from a novice woodworker.



Created by: Ismail Amat (Manufacturing Team)

Wood used: Pine wood

Arbortech tools used:

Power Chisel



“Fish” leaf like motif carving
Congratulations to Junior, Bela, Sven and Ismail on your woodworking project win!


What are your thoughts on the winning projects?


We’d love to hear your comments and thoughts! Please leave your commentary below in the comments section.


Arbortech Beginnings

The story of Arbortech truly started from humble beginnings with CEO and Arbortech original tools inventor, Kevin Inkster and his wife, Kristine living in Nannup – a small country town in the South West of Western Australia. Kevin and Kristine made a living from a combination of driving school buses, mechanical repairs and woodworking.



About Kevin Inkster

From a very young age it was already evident that Kevin had an intuitive, inventive flair in him. At the age of 18 he came up with the design concept of self lighting cigarettes.  The idea was pursued by unscrupulous investors who told him the idea was unpatentable.

Designing had always been a love for Kevin and he spent his spare time experimenting with other different design and concepts. In fact, most of Arbortech’s woodworking tools are a result of Kevin’s experimentation.


The Original Woodcarver Blade

In 1984 Kevin and Kristine were  joint cafe owners with another business couple. The building required complete renovation and it was decided the cafe would go through a fit-out. With limited funds to hire a professional to do the work, Kevin became hands on with the entire fit-out. This project further fueled Kevin’s interest for invention and woodworking as he felt the lack of tools on the market for woodworking.

Kevin continued with his passion for woodworking and making a bit of extra income from making wooden chairs, in partnership with another craftperson, Peter Godden who was making tables from wood sourced from the forest floor.

Kevin became frustrated at the lack of woodworking tools for freehand shaping the seat bases. That was when Kevin decided to try his hands at a new contraption by wrapping a chainsaw chain around part of an old Volkswagen cover.



Between the years 1984-1987, Kevin experimented with many prototypes and eventually the design evolved through a series of improvements and testing.

In 1988 Kevin decided to enter his creation of a Sculpted Reclining Chair (made using a Woodcarver prototype) into a woodworking competition which won the South West Arts Festival’s woodworking prize of $3,000. From here the decision arose as to whether Kevin wanted to continue with his love for woodworking or venture into manufacturing of woodworking tools. The choice was to commercialize the Woodcarver after receiving a $5,000 government grant in June of that year, with an office being set up out of Kevin and Kristine’s home to run their business.


Kevin Inkster Reclining Jarrah ChairKevin Inkster First Marri Chair


Arbortech Incorporated

As such, Arbortech was officially incorporated. In October 1988, Arbortech attended its first “Timber & Working with Wood Show” in Melbourne. The Woodcarver made its debut appearance, the live demonstration intrigued the masses and generated much interest from the woodworking enthusiasts who attended. The Woodcarver was sold for $50.00 and completely sold out by the end of the show weekend. Having netted sales of $14,000 from the Woodcarver sales, it was a big achievement for Kevin and Kristine, and it was clear the teamwork between the humble couple paid off.


Original Woodcarver Blade packaging 1988


The following year, an office was set up in the main street of Nannup. Further success followed when the Woodcarver blade was awarded the BHP Steel award.


In 1990, Kevin and Kristine were able to move from their home office to an office building at number 50 Westchester Road.  This same year, the demand for the Woodcarver grew and Arbortech received an order of 50,000 Woodcarver blades from Ryobi in the United States.


The increase in sales and business ultimately lead to the expansion of Arbortech. There was now a need for a larger office to facilitate the business operations and activities. In 1993, a purpose built corporate office and manufacturing facility at 67 Westchester Road, Malaga was built. Business activity only went from strength to strength from here as Kevin continued his passion for woodworking and developing woodworking tools out of his love for design and experimentation. In 1996 the woodworking range expanded to include more woodworking tools which have translated to the preferred tools for many woodworkers today.


Arbortech Ventures into the International Market

With the appreciation for woodworking growing and the increased demand for woodworking tools beyond the Australian market, Arbortech expanded business operations and ventured into the export market with the opening of a US office in 2007 and European office in 2011.

Whilst woodworking tools are a big part of Arbortech’s product portfolio, Arbortech’s name has been associated with engineering excellence and innovation for the award winning brick and mortar saw known as the Allsaw, which today is being market as the AS170.


Kevin Inkster_ Newspaper Clipping Venture foreign markets


Arbortech continues to focus on research and development to bring the best and most innovative products to the market.  A renewed focus on woodworking products has seen the release of the TURBO Plane in 2012 and following it’s success, the release of the Mini TURBO to the Australian market in May 2013 at the Maleny Wood Show. The Mini-TURBO will be released to the international market in September 2013.

A renewed focus on woodworking products saw the release of the TURBO Plane in 2012 and following it’s success, the release of the Mini TURBO to the Australian market in May 2013 at the Maleny Wood Show. The Mini-TURBO was released to the international market in September 2013.

Today, Arbortech still continues to focus on research and development to bring the best and most innovative products to the market. The most recent product release the Ball Gouge, was launched at the Sydney Woodworking Show in June 2017. It is a spherical, ball shaped wood cutter born from the concept of a countersink drill. While the Ball Gouge appears simple and slick in it’s design, it is in fact the product of countless prototypes and experiments to achieve exceptional balance and performance.


Celebrating 25 Years

Arbortech 25 Year Anniversary


Having started from humble beginnings and evolving to an internationally recognized brand name, we thought such achievement needed to be celebrated at our 25 year anniversary. As part of the 25 year anniversary and annual woodworking competition, one of the highlights of the party was judging the staff woodworking projects.

This marks the 2nd year of the staff woodworking competition and we covered this in a previous blog post of last year’s staff woodworking winners and projects.

Arbortech staff worked hard on their woodworking project and this year’s entries were equally as impressive as last year’s submissions.

Stay tuned for our next blog post for coverage of the staff woodworking project and the winners.


Before we close off this blog entry we wanted to express our appreciation to our customers who have supported us through the years and been loyal Arbortech tool users. We look forward to serving you for many more years to come!


If you have any comments or suggestions about Arbortech tools, our company or anything else, we welcome your thoughts and would love to hear from you.


Until then, happy woodworking!