A special message from Arbortech CEO and Tools Inventor, Kevin Inkster.

Hello fellow woodworkers!
I would like to know if any of you using the Contour Sander have had problems with the discs coming off? I have noticed in my own work, in conditions of hot weather and if I allow the disc to heat up by working hard in a corner, the adhesive can give way and the disc come off. Although on most projects I get good life and performance, once a disc comes off it will no longer stick adequately to the pad.

To allow you to continue using the discs or to allow the use of non adhesive cloth backed discs, we have come up with the following solution. 

This change will be included in all future Contour Sanders when we receive stock in a few weeks time. We have 3D printed prototypes right now which we can send to anyone who is having the problem if they don’t want to wait till the production ones are available.

The only real difference is a longer countersunk screw and a plastic flange which replaces the hex head screw in the pad. When or if you have the problem of discs coming off, it is a simple matter to stick the disc to the rubber pad (with the screw and flange removed) then push the screw and flange through the paper to the screw it to the extension shaft. The screw and flange are glued together and will screw in easily when you rotate the rubber pad. You only need hand tightness so no tools are necessary.

One of the benefits is that you can now use virtually any 50mm discs with or without adhesive including cloth backed discs which seem to last a very long time. You may need to punch a hole or cut a small cross in the center of cloth discs but we have stocks with a hole already punched.

So if any of you are having the problem or even if you’d just like to get hold of the new screw and flange, contact Yen here or email to yen@arbortech.com.au with your postal address and we’ll send it out to you.

– Kevin