Guess & Win Competition!

We are hugely excited about the Australian launch of a new Arbortech tool in May 2013!
In anticipation of this launch we will be running a Guess and Win Contest!

How To Enter: 
The contest is simple. All you have to do is submit your guess of what the new Arbortech tool along with a brief description of your guessed tool.

The Prize:
The person to correctly guess the new Arbortech tool will receive the actual tool!

Spread the word! And start your guess today!

Good luck!! 

Competition starts Friday 5th April and ends  Thursday 11th April 2013 4.00pm WST .
Winner will be announced on Friday 12th April 2013 via Facebook and our blog.

Terms & Conditions
Please note for your submission to be counted you must provide the name and a description of the tool. The more accurate the description, the better. This will enable us to judge and pick from the contest entries which one best describes the tool and pick a winner. 
Should there be multiple correct guesses from different entrants, the submission with the best and most accurate name and description  of the tool will be announced as the winning entry. Limit of one guess per person. Should you have already submitted a guess and would like to elaborate, please feel free to. If you have submitted multiple guesses we will  take your first submission as the valid entry. 

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Featured Local Talent: Flint Edwards 

The Wood & Ice Sculpture

At Arbortech, we love woodworking.
We also love seeing what woodworkers – whether they’re an amateur, intermediate or even at the professional level create because of their love of woodworking and passion for creating such artwork from our tools.

In this blog post we’d like to feature a local WA talent by the name of Flint Edwards, who is a professional wood and ice sculpture.Flint commits to sculpting full time and makes his income from doing what he loves best.

Flint has been a dedicated Arbortech tool user for many many years and to this very day, still uses Arbortech tools in the majority of his amazing wood art. “They’re [Arbortech tools] all good tools and I’ve been using the original Industrial Woodcarver blade since it first came out, and that’s over 20 years ago and I’ve been using it for that long.”

“Arbortech’s [tools] have been the main tool for the whole project. For the creation of birds and those animals alike, I use the Industrial Woodcarver but that is mostly for the larger parts of the feathers. I use the mini Arbortech [Mini Grinder] on the smaller parts of the feathers, in the grooves of it and then I use the sanding discs. The Power Chisel is good for getting in on the sides of certain areas of the sculpture and the edges. It’s a really handy tool.”

While seeing Flint’s wooden sculptures in pictures and photos is amazing, it is even more impressive in real life.

So we decided on a little field trip out to visit Flint at the Flag Motor Lodge located at 129 Great Eastern Highway, Perth WA to see him at work in the flesh carving amazing Australian native animals out of the trees surrounding the motel. 
At first glance you’ll probably miss the wooden animals as it is tucked away amongst the tree branches. Having spotted the animals it really does strike to you the amazing work and effort by Flint. 
The photos below of the Australian animals are carved and located at various locations around the premise of the Flag Motor Lodge. 
 Flint and his favorite kangaroo wood sculpture at Motor Lodge. 
The kangaroo is located at the front of the motel drive through entrance

 Native Australian animal sculpture in progress

So, how’s that for inspiration! 
We asked Flint if he had any tips in creating such adept woodworking art…
“I taught sculpture class for about five years and basically it’s just like working on a two dimensional and looking at the side profile first. A lot of things now, I’m pretty well in touch with what’s where and all that kind of stuff. I think the best thing ever for me is doing ice sculptures. I don’t have time to stand back and think about it. I’ve got to already see it in the ice, especially when I’m doing ice performances. You know, it’s the WOW factor. People are thinking “What is that?” and not giving them any idea what it is until the end and then they get to see the end result. So visualization of the sculpture before you actually do it, so it’s already there but you’ve got to make it happen. For wood sculptures, you just follow the same kind of mental thought patterns.
What do you think of Flint’s work? We’d love to hear your comments!
Please leave comments below in the comments section.

Woodworking Monkey Sculpture…Continued…

Further to our blog post on Friday which we had posted Woodcarver Justin Gordon’s impressive gorilla sculpture, we have close up photos of the detailing on the carving.

As always we are pleased our woodworking tools help in the creation of woodworker’s pieces of art  and this amazing woodcarving piece by the artist himself, Justin Gordon. This shows the power of passion, skills and great tools produces great woodworking art!

Check out the photos below.

What do you think of this sculpture? We’d love to hear your thoughts and we welcome you to post your comments in the section below.

To view more of Justin Gordon’s work visit his website at

If you’ve been following our social media channels such as our Facebook Page you will see we share a lot of photos of customers who use Arbortech tools for different woodworking purposes.
We recently received some photos from a customer from the United States which totally knocked our socks off with his amazing and grand sculpture of gorilla which sits perched on a chair.

 It is phenomenal to see just a tree stump with the (carving base at 9 feet high) being transformed to this wonderfully grand sculpture.
Sculptor of this carving, Justin Gordon used Arbortech’s Mini Grinder in the process of creating this carving which he comments “the grinder makes great hair and is a good shaper.” 

Check out the amazing photos below.

How is that for a project inspiration!
To see more of Justin Gordon’s work you can visit his website at

Do you have a wood carving you created which you used Arbortech tools? We’d love for you to share them with us! Email them in to us or post them on our Facebook page!

After many months of research and development the TurboPlane finally went through to design approval and several months later was given the first breathe of life. The Arbortech team was hugely proud of the finished product after receiving first production samples of the TurboPlane.
We had demonstrated the TurboPlane at several woodworking shows prior to the release of the TurboPlane and it received much interest and anticipation from woodworkers, some amateur and some professionals.

Having been in the Australian market for four months to date we’ve received feedback from the market that substantiates our belief it is our best woodcarving blade we’ve ever produced.

Here is a link to a the July/August 2012 British Woodworking magazine article which features a product review on the TurboPlane.
This review was entirely independent and based on the views of the Product Testing Reviewer.
Great review! You can download and read the review here

In the August/September 2012 issue of the British Woodworking magazine, they also ran another review and on the TurboPlane as well as a short interview with Arbortech’s CEO and TurboPlane Inventor on how he came up with our newest woodcarving tool.
Download and read the article here


Own a TurboPlane? We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on your experience with using this woodcarving blade.

Don’t own one yet? Try one today and experience the ease and precision of smooth cuts, control and rapid freehand wood sculpting and planing today!
And then let us know how you went and your experience because we’d love to hear it!

First of all we would like to thank each and every person who entered our Father’s Day Competition. We had a number of great responses and we’re please to announce the lucky winners are:

FIRST PRIZE: The TurboPlane

SECOND PRIZE: $50.00 shopping voucher to spend at our online store

THIRD PRIZE:  $25.00 shopping voucher to spend at our online store 



Please contact us to claim your prizes by emailing your details to

Thank you again everyone who participated in our competition.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next competition coming soon!

Father’s Day Competition

This competition is super easy!
All you have to do is tell us in 25 words or less why YOU (or your father) deserve to win the TurboPlane. You can leave your comment in the comments section below this blog post under “Post a Comment” and then hit “publish”. Done! You have now entered the competition and will be in the running to win one of the three prizes.
Spread the word! Submit your comments TODAY!

There are three levels of prizes on offer:


The TurboPlane – valued at $159.00


$50.00 shopping voucher redeemable to purchase at our online store


$25.00 shopping voucher redeemable to purchase at our online store

Competition starts TODAY Thursday 16th August 2012.
Winners will be announced on our blog and Facebook page on Wednesday 29th August 2012.
Good luck!

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Arbortech Staff Woodworking Competition

A couple of weeks ago we showcased our staff woodworking project competition winners.

If you missed our previous blog post on the competition winners you can read all about it and see photos here.

We had other great projects on the day and here we are thrilled at our staff’s participation and enthusiasm so a big congratulations to all! 

“Daintree Dreaming”

Created by: Kristine (Executive Director)

“Daintree Dreaming”
 Fact: The cassowary is the world’s most dangerous bird, capable of dealing fatal blows. This bird lives in the rain forests of Australia and New Guinea and it is on the list of endangered species.
This is Kristine’s creation of a cassowary which bears a great resemblance to the real bird itself. Great work!

Wood used: black heart sassafras (Tasmania)

Tools used: Mini Grinder and sander. Finished with Arboroil and acrylic paint


Created by: Christine (Secretary)


 This was Christine’s first attempt at woodworking with her creation of “Fish” 

Great effort Christine!

Wood used: Wandoo and driftwood

Tools used: Jigsaw, Mini-Industrial, Mini Sander and Power Chisel 


Created by: Stephen M (Financial Controller)

“Wandurl” bowl
This bowl was originally a lumpy piece of wood and Stephen has created a bowl that can be used as a decorative piece or a practical household item.

Wood used: Wandoo burl 
Tools used: Mini Indistrial, TurboPlane, Mini TurboPlane, Sanding pads, Arboroil 

“Ying Yang…Yong”

Created by: Anton (Production Line)

“Ying Yang…Yong” Bowl

This beautiful bowl was created by Anton and would serve as a highly functional bowl to separate nick nacks or organize things nicely. 

Wood used: Camphor wood
Tools used: Mini Grinder, Mini Industrial Blade, TurboPlane, Mini Sanders, Sanding Kit, Sand Sealer, Arboroil, Varnish


“Used to be a hole in this bowl”

Created by: Anton (Production Line)

“Used to be a hole in this bowl”

 This bowl originally had a huge hole in it and the finished product was produced by patching the hole with lots and lots of wood putty and wood dust and glue.
Wood used: Jarrah

Tools used: Industrial Blade, TurboPlane, Mini Grinder and Mini Sanders 


Created by: Junior (Blade Supervisor)


Why buy a vase when you can make one?

Wood used: Pine
Tools used: Mini Carver and TurboPlane


Created by: Lily (Assistant Accountant)


Lily created this decorative piece named “Yuan” which translate to “I am lucky to meet you in this life”

Tools used: Power Chisel

“Boat of Time”

Created by: Rocky (Engineer)

“Boat of Time”

Great decorative piece.

 Wood used: Pine
Tools used: TurboPlane and Mini Industrial

“The Bowl of Frustration”

Created by: Craig (Customer Service & Technical)

“The Bowl of Frustration”

Useful bowl for multipurpose storage.

 Wood used: Laminated plywood
Tools used: Mini Industrial, Mini TurboPlane, Mini sanders, Arboroil

“Strength in Music”

Created by: Bill (Production Line)

“Strength in Music”

Bill found a broken coffee table on the verge of a rubbish collection and he drew on his own design for the top and used the power chisel to carve the design.

Tools used: Power chisel

“Obscure Fruit Bowl”

Created by: Jade (Production Line)

“Obscure Fruit Bowl”

An alternative and unique shape to the conventional fruit bowl.

Wood used: Mallee root wood
Tools used: Mini grinder, Mini sander, Arboroil


Created by: Barry (Production)


Barry created an African Fang Ngal mask and set on a stand which makes a fabulous decorative piece of art.

Wood used: Green eucalyptus
Tools used: TurboPlane, Industrial Blade, Woodcarver, Sanding pads

“Living By the Nile”& “The Pyramid Train”

Created by: Peter (Production Supervisor)

“Living By the Nile”

Art on wood.

Wood used: Green eucalyptus
Tools used: TurboPlane, Industrial Blade, Woodcarver, Sanding pads, Mini Carver, Power Chisel 

“Purple Squares”

Created by: Matt (Product Design)

“Purple Squares”

Bowls for all sorts of different uses.

Wood used: South American “Purple heart”
Tools used: Mini grinder, Mini TurboPlane, Mini Sanders, Arboroil, Arborwax 


Created by: Stephen E (Production Supervisor)


A beautiful portrait carving of Stephen’s child.

Wood used: MDF
Tools used: Power chisel and Arboroil


Created by: Ada (Production Line)


We all love Nemo!

Wood used: MDF
Tools used: Power chisel

We hope you have enjoyed viewing these photos of our staff woodworking projects and remember, if you have your own woodworking projects you would like to share with us please do send them in to us! 
Email your photos directly here or post them on our Facebook Fan page!
Can We Inspire You…?

Arbortech Staff Woodworking Competition  

Commercial gist aside, we have a lot of fun doing what we do here at Arbortech. Our have a fantastic team who are passionate and great at what they do professionally, as well as sharing a common interest for woodworking. Did we mention FUN as well? Ahh yes, fun is what we love.
What better way to adjoin fun and woodworking together? That’s when we decided to run a woodworking competition for our staff. 
The competition was announced in early May and it entailed the staff to create a woodworking project to any extent they desired in which creativity and participation were encouraged.
The winning woodworking project were awarded prizes in the categories of; 
  • Best in Show 
  • Most Creative 
  • Best Novice 
  • Most Practical


The competition announcement fuelled excited chatters in the Arbortech office hallways and lunchrooms as ideas were flying around as to who’d be working on what, what tools to use and a general bustling of enthusiasm.
Many of our staff have never attempted a woodworking project before and it was delightful to see first timers having such a fantastic time of rolling up their sleeves and getting into the spirit of having some fun at a woodworking project.  The bustling amplified as the weekend approached as staff talked amongst themselves about the progression of their projects and sharing handy tips with each other.
We also ran weekly woodworking workshop Fridays in which our CEO woodworker, Kevin would provide a helping hand to staff’s in progress project, providing tips and tricks and just another excuse to gather around and have a beer (or two) after a couple of hours of project work.
We held our social gathering to announce the woodworking project competition on Saturday 30th June and there was a fantastic turnout. Here are a few photos we snapped from the day.



After the initial mingle, everyone was keen to view the woodworking projects on exhibit. There were an impressive array of projects and the winning woodworking pieces were “People’s Choice” winners.The crowd excitedly examined the projects on display and placed their votes with the winning contenders being; 

Winner “Best in Show” 

“Contemplation” bench 

Created by: Sven (General Manager) 

Sven’s creation of the “Contemplation” bench was voted “Best in Show”. Sven drew his inspiration from a project plan from the Woodcraft website and the bench was created with the intention of being an outdoor bench but now has established it’s new-found home indoors as a practical piece of furniture. 

Wood used: Reclaimed Tuart and Jarrah

Tool used: TurboPlane 

“Contemplation” Bench


 Winner “Most Creative” 

 “Flow” Interpretive Piece

Created by:Christopher (Sales Representative)

Christopher’s “Flow” creation took out the title for the “Most Creative” piece. This project had the crowd in awe as to what the piece represented, but being an interpretive piece it is really based on what the piece means to the individual so in that sense it could really be anything!

Wood used: Camphor Laurel Wood

Tools used: TurboPlane, Mini Grinder, Mini Grinder Sanding Discs, Arbortech Oil 

“Flow” Interpretive Piece


Winner “Best Novice” 

“The Last Leaf of Autumn” tray

Created by: Nora (Sales)

This was Nora’s first attempt at woodworking and we are mighty impressed with her creation of a piece that doesn’t fall short of what a more experienced woodworker would produce. Votes went to Nora’s tray for “Best Novice” and everybody agreed this was a fantastic creation for a first timer. Great piece in terms of being a decorative item as well as functional. 

Wood used: Camphor Laurel wood 

Tools used: TurboPlane, Mini Grinder, Mini Industrial Blade, Mini Sanders, Arbortech Oil

“The Last Leaf of Autumn” tray

Winner “Most Practical”   

“Apple Tree”

Created by: Bela (Graphic Designer)

Bela’s Mac computer screen was originally rested on a pile scruffy yellow pages and his desk was resembling something of a clutter fest. So what a bright idea it was to give his desk and workspace a makeover with an ever so practical computer stand with inbuilt stationary holders. Great idea and being very practical Bela’s “Apple Tree” computer stand claimed the title for “Most Practical”. 

Wood used: Jarrah 

Tools used: TurboPlane, Mini TurboPlane

“Apple Tree” computer stand

Our staff woodworking competition encouraged team spirit, participation and above all, fun with woodworking. We wanted to encourage our team to have a go at woodworking and it was fantastic to see what our staff could do with a bit of wood, some tools and a drive to create a woodworking project. As a result we had fabulous competition entries and a fun, social day. 

As a roundup the Arbortech band entertained the crowd with their rendition of a few classic melodies. 





See the band’s performance on video here at our Facebook page. 

New to woodworking? Click here to check out our free project plans.
Stay tuned for our next blog as we will be exhibiting other entries from our Staff Woodworking Competition!

Hello. Welcome to the Arbortech woodworking blog. I’d like to kick it off by telling you about the new Arbortech TurboPlane and why I designed it. I’m also very keen to get feedback on whether others find it as useful as I do.
Essentially the original Woodcarver blade came about because of a need I had to sculpt the seat bases of a bunch of chairs I was making to fill an order. I saw how others were using the tip of a chainsaw to rough out shapes and because I had had an accident trying to do the same, I decided that if I put the chainsaw teeth on a small disc, I could fit it to an angle grinder and have better control. This evolved into the Woodcarver , Industrial Woodcarver and similar blades that we have today.
Of course they do have much better control than a chain saw however the very fact that they so easily remove wood makes it difficult to freehand produce smooth curves or flat planes. One also has to be very careful when getting close to the final shape desired because the slightest movement can ruin the final piece.
Because standard Woodcarver blades cut on the edge like a saw, they require guarding like a saw blade. I decided to design a blade specifically to be used flat with no cutting edge on the perimeter so it would not require extra guarding on the angle grinder.
The Turbo blade has three very wide carbide teeth which are set at an angle and protruding much like a plane such that they cut wide shallow shavings. The result is much better than I expected and I think it is not an over statement to say it’s the best blade we have ever produced.
I am keen to hear what others think and discuss some of the ways I and others have begun using it.

Kevin Inkster
Arbortech CEO


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