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From his sustainably managed forest at his property ”The Stiks” in the Western Downs Region of Queensland, Guy selects salvaged timber for carving. He is attracted to the texture of old, gnarled and twisted wood, especially tree stumps and dead branches that already have interesting shapes and movement. Most of his work retains some natural edge for contrast with the polished timber.

Guy’s carving styles constantly evolve and reflect his life experiences, imagination and inspiration that he gets from the natural beauty of wood. Guy endeavours to enhance his creations with movement, use of lines, negative spaces, contrasts in colour and texture.


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Stick - featured artists

How did you get into working with wood?

I started working with wood in Papua New Guinea, where I built our house in the jungle, operated chainsaws, a bush sawmill and built houses out of timber for my family and for my fellow workers on our Cardamom plantation. After a happy and adventurous life in PNG, we moved to “The Stiks” where we built our house out of local materials including timber harvested from the property. After completion of our house, I was able to devote more time to making artistic furniture from our specialty timbers and then transitioned to wood sculpture. 


Do you have an official qualification for what you do now?

I studied figure drawing and passed advanced level sculpture examinations at boarding school in England. That was the foundation for my passion for wood sculpture. 


What inspires your creations?

I derive inspiration from all sorts of natural beauty, family, friends, Birds of Paradise, Flamenco to name just a few. However, the wood that I salvage from the forest at my property is my main source of inspiration.


What would you tell your younger self starting out on your artistic journey?

Be happy and enjoy what you are doing, while at the same time strive for improvement. Develop your own style and create unique works.


Do you sell your work?

Yes. I derive a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction when my pieces find a new home, especially if I am able to meet my customer in person. Many of my works are sold through a few select galleries. My primary focus is on the enjoyment of creating attractive works of wood art. Sales will generally result from the creation of fine art.


What is your favourite Arbortech Tool and why?

Arbortech tools are an absolute essential for my wood carving requirements. It is hard to say which one is my favourite as they all have their specific applications. Please refer to photos of work in progress on my latest piece ”The Embrace”

If you were a type of wood what would you be and why?

I would be a native hardwood that lives in the outback of Australia. I would be twisted, gnarled and unattractive to commercial timber merchants. I would live for a long time and when I die, would like to be transformed by a wood carver, who can speak to me and understand my moods and faults, into interesting and beautiful objects that would be treasured forever. 


How do you like to spend your time when you are not working with wood?

My family always comes first, so we see them regularly. Maintaining our forest and olive grove are my winter activities. Playing Flamenco Guitar is my other relaxing daily passion. We also like visiting friends in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

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