Mini Carver Power Tool 50mm Angle Grinder

SKU: MIN.FG.900.60


Der Mini Carver™, ausgestattet mit einem leistungsstarken 1000 Watt Motor und einem Klicksystem zum Wechseln der Fräs- und Schleifscheiben, ist eines unserer beliebtesten Holzschnitzwerkzeuge. Standardmässig ist die populäre Mini Pro Frässcheibe im Set enthalten, um den Benutzer noch besser und nahtloser durch die Stufen des Grobformens, Bildhauens und Schleifens zu führen. Das Werkzeug ist sehr robust und garantiert damit eine lange Lebensdauer. Dabei ist es sehr handlich, um detaillierte Schnitzarbeiten zu erstellen. Mit einem langlebigen Optibelt, der mehr Leistung und Drehmoment für schnelleres und gleichmäßigeres Schnitzen liefert, ist der Mini Carver™ das ideale Elektrowerkzeug für Holzbildhauer und Schnitzer, die Leistung, Effizienz und Vielseitigkeit schätzen.

Mini Carver - 900 series
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The Clever Bits

Extension Arm

Extension Arm

Access to previously hard to reach places.
Interchangeable Blades

Interchangeable Blades

Transition from carving to sanding with ease.
Dust Extraction

Dust Extraction

Better visibility and less mess for reduced clean up time.

The All-Rounder

This is the most versatile of all the power carving tools. It comes with a 50mm blade that allows for side-to-side shaping, that can be used for rapid wood removal, smooth shaping, and delicate texturing. Additionally, it includes a sanding system with a rubber backing pad that moulds to suit the shape of your project. 

Dust Control

The Dust Extraction Attachment is a standard inclusion that can be fitted to the tool and attached to a vacuum hose during sanding operations. It will help keep work spaces free from wood dust for a cleaners and safer environment.

Fine Shaping and Sanding

The sanding function has been further enhanced with the addition of a flexible rubber backing pad. By using the variable speed option with the sanding system it will allow you to continue to shape gently or take you through the finishing stages of sanding.


Better Control and Visibility

The extension arm brings this tool into its own. Designed for 50mm blades and sandpaper grit, you can now sculpt and sand wood in previously hard-to-reach places. The size and extension of the blade means you have better control and visibility. 

Smoother Carving Action

The Mini Carver™ comes with a 50 mm tungsten carbide tipped carving blade – the Mini Industrial Blade™. This blade will stay sharp for longer, offering optimum performance even in the hardest timbers."

Variable Speed

The 6-speed settings range from 6000 to 19,500 RPM, allowing users to adjust the RPM of the Mini Carver™ to suit a variety of wood carving, sculpting, and sanding needs.

  • Setting 5 and 6 is the ideal speed for high-performance wood carving and sculpting.
  • ​Setting 3 and 4 will allow for aggressive sanding needed for evening-out rough surfaces.
  • Setting 1 and 2 will provide the ideal speed for smooth, finishing sanding without the risk of burning the wood.


    • 1 Stück Mini Carver 1000 W – Winkelschleifer
    • 1 Stück Mini Pro Frässcheibe 5 Stück Schleifblätter Ø 50mm 80er Körnung
    • 5 Stück Schleifblätter Ø 50mm 180er Körnung
    • 5 Stück Schleifblätter Ø 50mm 320er Körnung
    • 1 Stück Gummi-Schleifteller Ø 47mm 1 Stück Staubabzugsaufsatz
    • 1 Satz Ersatzkohlebürsten
    • 1 Stück Arbortech Transporttasche
    • Range Speed:
      AUS: 6,000 rpm- 19,500 rpm @ ext. spindle
      EUR: 6,000 rpm - 19,500 rpm @ ext. spindle
      UK: 6,000 rpm - 19,500 rpm @ ext. spindle
    • Max. Blade Dia. 50mm
    • Disc Bore 9.5mm
    • Mx. Cutting Depth 10mm
    • Power Output 1000 Watt
    • Rating:
      Aus: AC, 230-240V, 50Hz (MIN.FG.900.00)
      EUR: AC, 230V~, 50Hz (MIN.FG.900.60)
      UK: AC, 230V, 50Hz (MIN.FG.900.40)
    • Tool Weight Approx. 2.35 kg
  • Please visit the product support page for more information.

    Product Support

Ideas & Projects

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