Power Chisel Kit Woodcarving Tool with 7 Chisels

SKU: PCH.FG.900.60


Das ultimative Werkzeug für Holzschnitzer und Holzbildhauer. Sie führen den Meißel einfach in die gewünschte Richtung und überlassen die Arbeit dem Motor. Der Power Chisel ist für alle Aufgaben geeignet, für die ansonsten, traditioneller Weise, Hammer und Meißel verwendet werden. Allerdings geht es mit ihm sicherer und schneller. Mit dem Klicksystem können die Meißel sehr schnell und einfach getauscht werden. Der Power Chisel ist ein elektrisches Schnitzwerkzeug, das freihändige und detaillierte Schnitz- und Meißelarbeiten ohne jegliche Anstrengungen ermöglicht.

Mit dem leistungsstarken 1000 Watt Motor und einem kompletten Satz von sieben Meißeln in einem Meißeletui, die per Knopfdruck gewechselt werden können, ist der Power Chisel unser benutzerfreundlichstes Werkzeug - ideal zum detaillierten Schnitzen, Meißeln, Beschriften und Hinzufügen von Texturen zu Schnitzereien.

Power Chisel - 900 series
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The Clever Bits

Safe Touch Technology

Safe Touch Technology

The chiselling action is only engaged when pressure is applied to the chisel.
Quick Change System

Quick Change System

At the touch of a button, change the chisels quickly and easily.
Powerful Motor

Powerful Motor

11,000 strokes per minute once engaged for smooth consistent chiselling action.

Fast, Easy, and Safe

The Power Chisel™ is extremely easy and safe to use. The chisel only engages and starts to move when pressed onto the timber and the hammering movement of the chisel is 1mm. This allows you to hold and guide the chisel safely while working, also giving exceptional control.

Lettering and Template Work

The tool has long been a favourite amongst chiseling enthusiasts around the world in particular in the creation of signs, letting, and template work. The precision of had chiseling without the hard work.

Full Chisel Set and Pouch

Designed with versatility in mind, the Power Chisel™ is equipped with 7 different chisel profiles and a chisel pouch for storage.

The range of chisel profiles allows you to carve, create lettering, texture, and detail on your woodworking projects but also strip paint and other practical applications.


The movement of the chisel is smooth, controllable with a continuous flow thanks to the 1mm back and forward movement. Depth, as well as, the direction of carving can be very easily controlled with high precision and perfect visibility.


The dedicated Arbortech motor is powerful – 710 Watt and 11,000 strokes per minute equals smooth, quick, and effective chiseling. With an enhanced motor, this tool now has a much lower vibration, significantly less noise, and a much longer life.

    • Power Chisel 1000W Power Tool – Schnitzmeißel
    • 1 Stück Flachmeißel 20 mm
    • 1 Stück V-Meißel 60 Grad 12 x 8 mm
    • 1 Stück Hohlmeißel 7 x 20 mm
    • 1 Stück Hohlmeißel 11 x 7 mm
    • 1 Stück Hohlmeißel 8 x 7 mm
    • 1 Stück Hohlmeißel 9 x 20 mm
    • 1 Stück V-Meißel 90 Grad 18 mm
    • 1 Stück Meißeletui
    • 15 ml Hochtemperaturöl und Ersatzfilz 1 Satz Ersatzkohlebürsten
    • Rated Speed 2,000 -12,000 rpm @ spindle
    • Power Output 1000 Watt
    • Rating
      AUS: AC, 230-240V, 50Hz (PCH.FG.900.00)
      EUR: AC, 230V~, 50Hz (PCH.FG.900.60)
      UK: AC, 230V, 50Hz (PCH.FG.900.40)
    • Tool Weight Approx. 2.35kgs
  • Please visit the product support page for more information.

    Product Support

Ideas & Projects

Chiselled Decorative Bowl

Chiselled Decorative Bowl

A great project for the home!
Make Your Own Wooden Sign

Make Your Own Wooden Sign

Spice up your kitchen with chiseled art.
Wave Inspired Wall Art

Wave Inspired Wall Art

An easy project carved out of scrap wood.
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