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Kev's Tips and Techniques

Kev's Tips and Techniques

Rotate and Replace Mini Turbo Teeth

Rotate and Replace Mini Turbo Teeth


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What does my grinder need to fit the Mini TURBO?

The Mini TURBO fits most 115mm M14 / 4.5" 5/8" angle grinders. However, when choosing an angle grinder to suit the blade, you should look for the following features:

  • An auxiliary handle to ensure easier balance, manage and control. Using the handle when carving not only improves user comfort and visibility but increases user safety. 
  • A metal guard that can be rotated and fixed to 45 degrees
  • On/Off switch to be positioned on the top or side 
  • 550 Watts power, at a minimum 
  • Should have a spindle thread of: 
  • M14 (AUS and UK) |  M14 (Europe) | 5/8″ (North America)
    If you need an M10 Adaptor Nut click here.

The Mini TURBO can be used on a variable speed, cord, or cordless grinder, as long as it runs at a speed of 9000 RPM or higher

The Mini TURBO vibrates or feels unbalanced when running.

The Mini TURBO, like all of the Arbortech products, should run smoothly and be easy to control. A lot of effort goes into making sure it is balanced and all the tolerances are correct for the application.

If it feels unbalanced or does not perform smoothly, it is an indication that something is wrong.

Possible cause: Incorrect fitting.
Solution: For instructions on fitting your Mini TURBO on an angle grinder, watch this video.

Possible cause: Spindle of grinder not true.
Solution: Check to see it is running true to the axis of the shaft. A simple test is to run the blade on the benign perimeter of the blade. If it is true, it will run smooth but if it is out of center it will tend to bounce.

Try on another grinder.

Possible cause: Grinder bearing worn.
Solution: Try on another grinder. The Power Carving Unit is the perfect grinder to enhance all Arbortech attachments. 

Possible cause: Mini TURBO extension shaft not sitting firmly on the base of the spindle.
Solution: Ensure it is fully screwed to the base of the spindle. Do not use a base washer or grinder (washer or locking nut). Please refer to the fitting instructions section.

Mini TURBO does not cut effectively. How do I sharpen/rotate/replace the teeth?

Possible cause: Blades are blunt
Solution: Loosen the screw with the key or rotate the teeth to a new position or replace teeth.

How do I remove sap or residue from the perimeter of the blade?

To remove sap or residue, remove cutters and then run against an emery cloth or abrasive until shining. 

Warning: Too much abrasive may make the cutters more aggressive.

Ensure hands are well away from the spinning blade. It is best if the emery cloth is stuck down and both hands are on the grinder.

For more information on how to remove sap or residue, watch this video. 

Why am I unable to loosen screw-holding teeth?

Possible cause: Build-up of resin
Solution: Soak overnight in solvent.

Please refer to this video for more information on how to extend the life of your Mini TURBO teeth.

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