What is Power Wood Carving?

Put simply, Power Wood Carving, takes modern day tools, and applies them to old school sculpting work. Using power tools to drive shaping and sculpting equipment makes the job faster, easier and more enjoyable. Our range includes 3 unique shaping / carving blades in the 100mm (4″) size, 2, carving blades and 4 different sanding pads in the 50mm (2″) size for our Mini-Grinder and an assortment of 13 chisels in a range of profiles and sizes for our Power Chisel to cover every need.

Carving Blade Tips

  • Above all else, make sure you have appropriate Respiratory, Eye and Ear Protection, and that your work position is good. Too high will be tiring on the arms, too low will be hard on the back, so make sure the job is at a comfortable working height.
  • Always use two hands when operating a power tool.
  • This ensures that fingers are kept well away from moving parts and lessens any inherent risks involved.
  • Guards should always be used with blades.
  • Always use the grinder’s original metal guard. As an added precaution, we recommend the use of our clear polycarbonate guard when using the 100mm carving blade range. This will increase safety, without hindering visibility.
  • Keep a sharp edge on your tools.
  • Keeping your tools sharp will result in finer finishes, better efficiency of your work time and a longer blade life.
  • Lastly, remember always use a light touch with a rotary tool. You’re just guiding the tool. Let the high speed do all the work. Again, using this approach will help to extend blade life.