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ALLSAW AS175 Masonry Restoration Kit

SKU: ALL.FG.175110.20
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Engineered to significantly improve trade safety and efficiency when cutting brick walls, mortar and more. A tool for the Trade professional, with a range of masonry blades for specialized trade applications.

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The Clever Bits

Blade Technology

Blade Technology

Patented orbital cutting action of two reciprocating blades.
Dust Boot

Dust Boot

Removes residual airborne particles for safe job sites.
Blade Range

Blade Range

Interchangeable blades for a range of specialized masonry applications.

Cut Square, Deep, and with Precision

The unique patented orbital cutting action of the two reciprocating blades allows for faster cutting of brick, mortar, and masonry than traditional reciprocating saws. This cutting action also produces minimal airborne dust, offering a safe and controllable operation. Cut to a depth of 4 3/4" (120mm), cut square corners, and make variable-width cuts without overcutting.

Minimize Dust

The unique patented cutting technology produces minimal airborne particles, reducing the risk of silicosis and creating a safer working environment with less mess.

Any residual dust is captured with the Heavy Duty Dust Boot, while still providing optimum visibility to complete the job. 

Blade Range

With a number of specialized ALLSAW™ compatible blades available, including Wood Blades, Heritage Blades, Switch Box Blades, Headjoint Blades and more, we have the blade for the job.

See The Range

Performance, Safety & Control 

Powerful, heavy duty 1400 Watt motor. Long lasting motor life even in the toughest working environments. All ALLSAW™ compatible blades have high quality Tungsten Carbide teeth that are also resharpenable.

The clever ergonomic design improves balance and control while preventing dangerous and deadly kickbacks.

The engineered design allows the operator clear visibility when cutting.

    • AS175™ 13 Amp Tool 
    • General Purpose Blades
    • Headjoint Blades
    • Plunge Blades
    • Standard Dust Boot
    • Ian Key
    • Spare blade bolts (x4)
    • Arbortech Carry Bag
    • No load speed N0 5100 rpm 
    • Cutting depth/width 170mm (6 3/4”)/6.5mm (1/4”) depending on blade
    • Blade mount bolt torque 18 Nm (1.8 kg-m), (13.2ft-lb) 
    • Power output 1400 Watt 
    • Rating US AC, 120V, 60Hz (ALL.FG.175120.20)
    • Weight without blades 4.0kgs (8.8lb)
  • Please visit the the product support page for more information.



AllSaw Videos

Allsaw vs Disc Cutter

Allsaw vs Disc Cutter

The right tool for the job.
How To Chase A Wall

How To Chase A Wall

Without dust, fast and efficently.
Windmill Restoration

Windmill Restoration

Restoring the brickwork of the "De Noord" windmill.

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