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Nick St Amand

Nick St Amand

The Artist

Nick runs TC Timberart, a Veteran owned and operated small business custom woodworking shop. In his former life he was a letter carrier for the USPS. He has done framing and carpentry side jobs for most of his life. Nick started his business just doing freehand carved signs, 4 years ago. Since then he has grown so much in his woodworking career, grown his skill set, and found a love for power carving. Nick really enjoys working on unique one of a kind projects. His focus is on quality not quantity. He not interested in mass production.


The Master of Flags.


A little woodturning, a little power carving, an eternity of sanding, and viola!


Americana inspired skull.


Vortex, woodworking style.


Made from a solid 5/4 block of Jatoba, and powercarved freehand to shape.


Power carved curved dish.


Carved maple burl bowl.


Signature Nick St Amand style.


Nick x Arbortech x Wavy flag.

Carve a Waving Flag


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