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We've done it again!

We've done it again!

We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our lineup of cutting-edge power tools: the Arbortech ALLSAW AS200X.

For over a decade now the innovative ALLSAW Technology has been engineered, developed and manufactured in Australia. From the AS150 to the AS175, this new, upgraded model combines advanced masonry technology with precision cutting capabilities to revolutionise tuckpointing, repointing, single brick removal, wall cut-ins, and wall chasing. With the AS200X, you can expect efficient and accurate cuts in brick and mortar, making it the go-to choice for heritage restoration, building renovations, and various masonry cutting jobs.

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For over a decade now the innovative ALLSAW Technology has been engineered, developed and manufactured in Australia, with the original ALLSAW AS150 pictured here.

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The ALLSAW AS200X features dual blade 5100 rpm technology for deep, square, and safe precision cutting.

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Enhanced for optimal handling, the Flex Grip Handle offers improved control.

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The AS200X offers the flexibility needed for exceptional results in heritage restoration, building renovations, and other masonry cutting tasks.

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The AS200X is equipped with a uniquely engineered, heavy-duty dust boot that effectively reduces and collects dust, creating a safer and healthier working environment.

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The AS200X boasts a unique in-house manufactured conrod and internal casting made from 100% recycled aluminium in Australia.

Unparalleled Precision:

The ALLSAW AS200X incorporates dual blade 5100 rpm technology, providing deep, square, and safe precision cutting action. Whether you need to make cuts ranging from 35mm to 170mm deep, this exceptional tool ensures accuracy and reliability in every job.

Improved Flex Grip Handle for Optimal Handling:

We believe that a comfortable grip is essential for any cutting tool. With the AS200X, we have enhanced the flex grip handle to reduce hand arm vibration and provide greater grip and flexibility in difficult cutting situations.This ergonomic design ensures better handling and flexibility when cutting brick and mortar, even during extended periods of use. You'll experience improved control and reduced fatigue, empowering you to tackle your projects with ease.

Quick Switch Blades for Enhanced Efficiency:

We understand the importance of minimising downtime during your projects. That's why we have introduced all-new Quick Switch Blades for the AS200X. These tungsten carbide tipped blades can be easily and swiftly changed, allowing you to switch between applications with minimal interruption. Now you can seamlessly transition from one task to another, saving you valuable time and effort.

"We take pride in locally assembling the ALLSAW AS200X at our Australian HQ, supporting local industries, ensuring quality, and promoting sustainability through an efficient supply chain." - CEO, Sven Blicks

Dedicated Engineering in Australia:

The AS200X also features a unique conrod that we manufacture in-house at our West Australian headquarters. The internal casting of the tool is made in Australia from 100% recycled aluminium.

“Arbortech’s R&D Department is committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower our customers. The ALLSAW AS200X is a testament to our goal of providing unique, quality tools that streamline our customers’ projects while ensuring precision, efficiency, and safety.” - Technical Director, Ben Inkster.

By choosing the AS200X, you're investing in a high-performance masonry cutting tool while supporting local manufacturing and environmentally conscious practices.
Together, we make a difference to embrace a greener future.

Explore the AS200X and the Quick Switch Blade Range here.

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