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Women’s Power Carving Workshop! Why Not!??

Women’s Power Carving Workshop! Why Not!??

Running a Power Carving Workshop has long been on the list of things to do for Arbortech, but a class for women… Yeah, why not?!?!

Kevin Inkster (CEO) could not have been more excited about the idea. He believes that every person should experience the joy of tapping into their creativity and what better way to challenge some of the traditional gender stereotypes than a ‘Power Carving’ workshop for women. 

Before we knew it, Carbatec jumped on board contributing awesome workbenches and Bolle supported the concept by sponsoring protective eyewear for everyone!

Then from a single social media post we were delighted to receive overwhelming enthusiasm, not only from local women but interest from all around the world. 

‘Hmmmmm…. Maybe this is a THING!’ 

It’s on.

The workshop took place on 26 February, with seven women from all walks of life ranging from millennials, to retirees, to business owners and mums taking part. The only thing they HAD to have in common was being beginners and being eager to learn.

Of the ladies that attended most were not familiar or comfortable with power tools, so the session started with a quick safety lesson followed by a practice session with a bit of scrap wood.

To keep the class simple and ensure everyone left with a finished project there were 3 types of projects they could choose from; salad servers, a bowl or a cheese board/sign. After selecting a piece of wood, they set about designing and carving their vision.

The energy in the room changed very quickly from a little cautious, to completely engrossed concentration, beaming faces, lots of laughter with incredibly unique designs starting to emerge.

Only a few hours later, every attendee was confident with the tools. They had all power carved something special and found enormous enjoyment in bringing a concept to life whilst mastering the tools. Brings it all back to the very fundamentals of how and why Arbortech designs it’s tools. Innovation, inspiring creativity, safety and making them accessible.

It was incredible to witness a bunch of women absolutely kicking butt and overcoming a ‘perceived’ barrier of entry. There was nothing these ladies wouldn’t try.

Overall, the workshop was so well received with keen interest to sign up for additional classes, we could not have been more pleased.

What we learned from the day

  • How to better prepare for workshops

  • Learning to Power Carve cannot be bound by the skin you are born into


As a result we are planning to continue this series locally, with the intention of expanding internationally…. 

Stay tuned folks!


Women's Workshop
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