Both the Mini-Grinder and the Power Chisel are sold as complete power tools that come with a dedicated Arbortech-Grade grinder motor.

This range features superior safety, control, performance and versatility.

Mini Grinder
Versatile Woodcarving Power Tool

The Mini-Grinder is the most versatile woodcarving power tool you will ever own.  It will let you do everything from rough shaping, sanding to the finest detailing. Its unique shape allows you excellent visibility.

High quality dedicated Arbortech Grinder.

Ideal for freehand detailed carving, rough shaping, deep profiling. Variety of 50mm (2″) blades available for various applications.

Power Chisel
Chiseling Made Quick & Easy
The Power Chisel does everything that the traditional hammer and chisel will do, only easier, faster and safer. Comes with unique QuickChange Technology.
High quality dedicated Arbortech Grinder.

Ideal for fine detailing, deep profiling, lettering and more.  Variety of compatible chisel profiles available.