Flint Edward Sculpting – Nannup Totem Poles


A bit of a flashback to Flint’s earlier work.



Location: Nannup, Western Australia

Inspiration for sculpture:
There are eight Totem Poles in total and each is 7 meters high which was completed in 2008.
The local council purposely cut down the Jarrah trees and Flint was asked to do work his magic on the trees.

Tools Used:



With most of Flint’s work, the process is very similar from one project to another. The amount of work depends on the complexity of the tree and end carving.

  1. Debarking
  2. Chainsaw work – This step took a whole to talk the bulk of the wood out and working out the proportions. The time for this process really depends on what project it is so therefore, timing varies. The main chainsaw work here is to take the main bulk of the timber away.
  3. Proportions – When Flint carves out the proportions he is careful to not add too much definition so he has room to move with proportions if needed. Once he is happy with the proportions he works on the definition and hard cuts. Once it is down to this stage he will then look at the finer details and works from here.


Completion time:

One week for each Totem Pole. Flint did about another dozen Totem Poles and there will be more coming Totem Poles which Flint will be working on for the remainder of 2013.

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