Service, Repair & Warranty

Service, Repair & Warranty


Before you send your Arbortech tool in for service, please check the Tool Resources page. To have your Arbortech tool serviced or repaired, please contact the retailer who you purchased the tool from.

Returning a tool for Service / Repair
When shipping your Arbortech product, please package the items in a way as to protect them during shipment and be sure to include a copy of your dated proof of purchase, along with a written statement describing the problem you are having as well as your name, return shipping address and daytime contact number.

Arbortech suggests that the package be suitably insured against loss or accidental damage for which we cannot be responsible.


Arbortech provides a 12-month limited warranty on the motor and/or mechanism of our products from the date of original purchase. This covers Mechanical and Electrical Components* to be free of defects in workmanship and or/ materials. This excludes consumable items such as belts, blades, blade bolts, brushes, brush arms, and dust boots.

Please note that this warranty does not apply where:

  • Unauthorised repairs have been carried out
  • Repairs are required due to normal wear and tear
  • There is evidence of misuse, unauthorised alterations, or improper maintenance
  • The Product has not been used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or specifications provided with the Product.
  •  Arbortech makes no warranties, representations, or promises as to the quality or the performance of the product other than those specifically stated in this warranty or Operator’s Instruction Manual.
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