5 Easy DIY Projects

5 Easy DIY Projects

For the ‘maker’ in us all, we selected 5 easy, fun and practical power carving projects that pretty much anyone can do. From woodworker, DIYer, craftsperson or creative, these projects don’t take too long and don’t require too many tools. You can follow the step by step instructions for individual projects if you want guidance or inspiration, otherwise dream big and let your creativity lead the way.

Remember the most important thing is having a go (even if it turns out a bit different than planned) and enjoy tapping into your creativity.

Feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of the project pages and if you complete a project, post it on social media and use the following hashtag #arbortechdiy

Easy to make dinner party utensils that every home needs. Create any shape or style of spoons and add your own touch to suit your home and decor.

This cute little bowl was made from a tree branch we found. It’s the traditional wooden bowl with a few interesting twists, like a textured and burnt band to give it character.

Add a personalised touch to a nursery or children’s playroom with a custom clock design. This project is ideal as a gift or present and easy to adjust to suit any taste.

This project is incredibly versatile as there are so many alternatives to chiselling you can explore. From lettering to kitchen art this will be the start of a whole lot of fun.

Power carve your own laptop stand, with beautiful curves and long lines. You can use almost any type of timber planks for this project, including recycled floorboards.

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