Carl Jacobson

Carl Jacobson


Carl Jacobson enjoys sharing his woodworking and wood turning passion to inspire others. Carl and his wife have a mobile shop traveling the country promoting the craft of woodworking and has weekly how-to-videos on The WoodShop.TV. Carl Jacobson started woodworking with his grandfather as a young boy in Oregon. He continued woodworking through high school and started wood turning after seeing a turned project in a friend's shop. Shortly after YouTube started, he was looking for a how-to video for duck calls. With no results he decided to make his own video. He is now turning full time and producing his own videos. Almost eight years later, he has over 100 thousand YouTube subscribers. Many intricate shapes and designs can be made by turning wood. Some of Carl’s fondest memories are working with his grandfather in his wood shop. Being able to share his passion for wood turning with others ties it all together.

Carl Jacobson Gallery 9

Carl in action.

Carl Jacobson Gallery 1

Wood turned spoon.

Carl Jacobson Gallery 3

It's all in the details...

Carl Jacobson Gallery 2

Side bowl.

Carl Jacobson Gallery 4

Check-out that band!

Carl Jacobson Gallery 6

Wood turned candle holder.

Carl Jacobson Gallery 7

Spider web turned plate.

Carl Jacobson Gallery 8

Signature Carl piece.

How did you get into woodworking?

I started woodworking with my grandfather as a young boy. Some of my fondest memories are working with my grandfather in his wood shop. Being able to share our passion for woodworking ties it all together. I continued woodworking through high school and started woodturning about 25 years ago, after seeing a turned project in a friend’s shop, and I haven’t looked back. I teach and demonstrate woodturning full time. Recently my wife Robin and I bought Niles Bottle Stoppers. The company is well known in the turning community, and we are honoured to be a part of it, and we’re having a great time learning from the “Master” Ruth Niles. 

What inspires your creations?

Robin and I work on all aspects of the project videos together. We are constantly searching for new project ideas wherever we go that are not traditionally turned now. I picked up my first TURBOPlane about 4 years ago and got into power carving when I wanted to make a wooden sink. It allowed me to utilize some beautiful wood in different ways that I had been saving. 

What is your favourite power carving tool and why?

My favourite power carving tool so far is the TURBOPlane. I love the fact that it takes off so much material and is easy to control. I had been a woodturner for so long and looked at everything like it should be round and turned on the lathe, and now I can shape them however I want. Power carving has opened a lot of doors in my work and creativity. 

What advice would you give to people who are thinking of getting into power carving?

If you’re looking into opening more possibilities to your work, I would take a look at power carving! It opened a lot of new creative doors for me. What you want to make might determine what carvers you should start with. I like to go big, so the TURBOPlane was perfect for my first project, but as I got into it, I found the smaller tools are great for detailed work.


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