Come look, come see

Come look, come see

Back in the 90s, Arbortech CEO Kevin Inskter and his newly developed wood carving blade trotted down to the local woodworking show with a simple bench and a lump of wood to demonstrate his invention. The blade sold out, hundreds of orders were taken and Arbortech was born.

This October, we’re at it again. Exhibiting our wares at the upcoming Perth Garden and Outdoor Living Festival in Western Australia. We live for a demo and we’re full to the brim with ideas and inspiration for home and garden projects with Arbortech wood carving tools. 

Last year, Kevin went mad on viking-inspired wood sculpting projects and carved out a viking garden sculpture amongst an array of shields and candelabra. Sven’s garden goanna has proven to be a popular project and the classic wooden mushroom sculpture never fails to delight. 

If you’re visiting the Perth Garden and Outdoor Living Festival, do stop in and see us!

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