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Hello. Welcome to the Arbortech woodworking blog. I’d like to kick it off by telling you about the new Arbortech TurboPlane and why I designed it. I’m also very keen to get feedback on whether others find it as useful as I do.
Essentially the original Woodcarver blade came about because of a need I had to sculpt the seat bases of a bunch of chairs I was making to fill an order. I saw how others were using the tip of a chainsaw to rough out shapes and because I had had an accident trying to do the same, I decided that if I put the chainsaw teeth on a small disc, I could fit it to an angle grinder and have better control. This evolved into the Woodcarver , Industrial Woodcarver and similar blades that we have today.
Of course they do have much better control than a chain saw however the very fact that they so easily remove wood makes it difficult to freehand produce smooth curves or flat planes. One also has to be very careful when getting close to the final shape desired because the slightest movement can ruin the final piece.
Because standard Woodcarver blades cut on the edge like a saw, they require guarding like a saw blade. I decided to design a blade specifically to be used flat with no cutting edge on the perimeter so it would not require extra guarding on the angle grinder.
The Turbo blade has three very wide carbide teeth which are set at an angle and protruding much like a plane such that they cut wide shallow shavings. The result is much better than I expected and I think it is not an over statement to say it’s the best blade we have ever produced.
I am keen to hear what others think and discuss some of the ways I and others have begun using it.

Kevin Inkster
Arbortech CEO


  1. suggie Author August 17, 2012 (1:16 am)

    Enjoy the blog..hope to see many more..Bob Lindh.Western Pa.,USA

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  2. Cheryl johnson Author August 17, 2012 (1:35 am)

    My father taught me to use his tools and my life long dream is to carry on his teachings

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