Our Story

Our Story

We are a group of passionate creators with a desire to challenge the norm; striving to do better and be better. Not only with the innovative, quality tools we develop but how we do business and take care of the environment.

 While we are innovators, we are more than the tools we make. We are an Australian-owned and run company that puts people and the environment ahead of profits. We value respecting individuals and minimising harm to the planet. If we can’t do business that way, we don’t want to do business at all. Conscious capitalism over the pursuit of profit.  


The company’s humble beginnings set the tone for how Arbortech does business and solidified the creative process behind the invention of unique tools. In 1983, Kevin Inkster was curious about why most furniture had square edges and couldn’t find a tool other than a chainsaw to sculpt wood. He played around with ideas and tried fitting a crude disc attachment to his angle grinder. After some development and several modifications, the attachment proved to sculpt wood faster, safer and more efficiently than anything else, and others seemed to agree. This was truly the start of Arbortech, which in time led to the introduction of ‘power carving’ and other unique cutting  products and technologies.

This creative process still stands today. The Research and Development team continually strives to develop quality tools by asking how things can be done differently, better, safer and more efficiently. The resulting tools are simply a product of that incessant reluctance to accept the status quo.

Today, Arbortech is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative tools, beloved the world over by those looking for function, inspiration or both. The company has more than 50 employees across four continents and Arbortech products are sold into more than 100 countries around the world.

As a company, we look inward and take care of each other, as well as looking outward to the wider community and making sure we do what we can for the planet. We believe creativity is subjective and we are constantly ‘playing’, making new things and encouraging others to play and practice inspired creativity.

“Play is more important than work. If they can be the same thing, then that’s the perfect scenario,” Kevin Inkster, CEO, Abortech.


$50 for a
Bottle Top

And a very long drive

Kevin and Kristine manufactured a number of Kevin’s woodcarver blade and tried to sell them at local hardware stores, without much luck. 

“I got thrown out of one store!” Kevin said. “The owner told me, ‘no-one is going to pay 50$ for a bottle top!’”

They almost gave up when they saw an opportunity to showcase their disc attachment at the Melbourne Woodworking Show. With a simple bench and a lump of wood, Kevin demonstrated his invention. They had only made a few hundred discs, which almost completely sold out at the show. After placing a small ad in the local newspaper, Kristine would get phone calls at all hours from people wanting to order the woodcarving blade.

In 1988, Kevin and Kristine drove from Nannup to Sydney so Kevin could appear on a TV show called Towards 2000, an ABC TV show that showcased developments in science and technology. When they returned home, there were bags of mail on their front doorstep. Each filled with envelopes containing $50 notes or cheques from people placing orders after watching the show. 

“That’s when we knew we were onto something and we started employing people and setting up the company,” Kevin said. 

Kevin Inkster Experimental Blade

Kevin's first experimental blade circa 1985

Kevin Inkster in Shed

Kevin doing what he does best; tinkering around in his shed.

Kevin's Power Carved Chair

One of Kevin's first comissioned pieces, a power carved accent chair.

Kristine, Kevin and their son preparing the 50,000 unit Ryobi order

Kristine, Kevin and their son with their first order bound to the US

Kristine Inspects the Construction of the Arbortech Factory

Kristine outside the front of Arbortech HQ in Perth, Western Australia circa 1991

Current Day Arbortech Warehouse

Fast forward 30 years later to the current day Arbortech warehouse.

Arbortech's Original Packaging

The blade that started it all... Check out the original packaging!

Arbortech's Offices Around the World

Going global! Arbortech's offices around the world

Kevin and Kristine Still Making Furniture in Their Shed

Kevin and Kristine still making furniture in their shed

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