Flint Edward Sculpting – Gecko

Here is one of Flint’s current sculpting commissioned work.

Location: Rose Gum, Honey Wood Estate, WA

Inspiration for sculpture: 
The client requested for a piece to sit in the children’s playground that was of a native Australian animal. With the tree stump that was to be used from, Flint decided to carve a Gecko. The Gecko is bolted into the concrete so the children can freely play on it.

Tools Used: Arbortech Mini-Grinder, TURBOPlane, sanding discs

The wood used for the Gecko was a lot harder wood which slows down the process a bit however, Flint is always armed with his Arbortech tools and he says “this wood is harder to work with and makes the debarking process longer than normal but with Arbortech tools there is no drama!”

  1. Debarking
  2. Chainsaw work – This step took a whole to talk the bulk of the wood out and working out the proportions. The time for this process really depends on what project it is so therefore, timing varies. The main chainsaw work here is to take the main bulk of the timber away.
  3. Proportions – When Flint carves out the proportions he is careful to not add too much definition so he has room to move with proportions if needed. Once he is happy with the proportions he works on the definition and hard cuts. Once it is down to this stage he will then look at the finer details and works from here.

Completion time: Three and a half weeks (due to the hardness of the wood).

Watch this space for more Flint projects!

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