Only the Best Will Pass the Test: The Best Selling TURBOPlane Is Back!

In almost every business operation it is not possible to achieve absolute perfection. For example, there will be times when the stock level is not available to meet the market demands due to a combination of internal and external contributing factors such as material sourcing and accessibility, labour shortage, quality controls, freight and the list goes on.

As many of you know, the Arbortech TURBOPlane has been unavailable due to stock issues for a little under 8 weeks. We have had an outpour of customer orders and requests from both the retail stores and direct customers for the TURBOPlane since the tool took a mini vacation from the woodworking range. This is a positive reinforcement that the TURBOPlane is a great product that is highly demanded by woodworkers. We want to share with you as our loyal customers the story behind the reason TURBOPlane has been absent from our website and the store shelves.

From the time the company was established, Arbortech has entrenched a standard for utmost stringent quality controls. This quality control proceeding is a custom which we highlight not only within our production headquarters but also with our suppliers. Of course, when dealing with any external parties you always run a possibility of unforeseen issues.

During the process of manufacturing one of our key suppliers experienced difficulties in producing the TURBOPlane to satisfy our exact specifications. The issue was the perfect positioning of the carbide teeth to our very tight tolerances. The teeth has to be fastened to pristine accuracy to achieve smooth and even planning, enabling the tool to cut down in a vertical plain so all three teeth cut simultaneously. If the teeth are uneven, even by a small degree then only one or two teeth will cut, therefore not providing the smooth quality cut that makes the TURBOPlane so special.
Our stringent Quality Control Procedures were making sure that only “perfect” blades passed our controls but the reject rate became unacceptable and we were not able to supply the demand.

The only way forward was to adjust the manufacturing method to help our supplier to achieve our specifications. This process unfortunately took some time and we had to put a hold on TURBOPlane production during that period. A detailed engineering review, the design, manufacturing of new tooling, prototype production and intensive testing of several sample lots were required before we achieved our goals.

We apologise for any delivery delays caused by this but we know that such attention to detail makes the difference between a “good” and a “great” product.  We view this as direct investment in the TURBOPlane to ensure our customers get nothing but the very best from our products.
The good news? Our supplier has confidently settled into their new manufacturing techniques which means production of the TURBOPlanes is fluid and efficient and the product is now back in stock to be released to customers who have patiently been waiting for the tool.
We shared this story with you to give you a glimpse into the processes that each and every Arbortech woodworking tool goes through to ensure once it reaches our customers, the tool delivers as per the Arbortech quality philosophy. Some people have told us our tools are not cheap. At the same time, we have been told by customers the quality and durability of Arbortech tools are unsurpassed by any other tool out there on the market. We ostentatiously stand behind each and every Arbortech tool we sell and look forward to having the TURBOPlane (amongst other Arbortech woodworking tools) in the toolboxes of woodworkers everywhere!

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  1. William Author April 11, 2019 (7:15 pm)

    Great post and great product! Definitely worth the try! Thank you for sharing and keep it up

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