Staff Woodworking Competition – My Wooden Bowl By Boro Trpevski

Wooden Bowl


Created by Boro Trpevski,
Arbortech Production & Quality Control Engineer



Novice woodworker? Yes. This was my first woodcarving piece and I have learned some new skills in woodworking with great help from my colleagues. I enjoyed this project very much. Understanding what I can achieve with the Arbortech tools, I will test my artistic skills with my next woodworking project (next time will be something more complex). 


Description of your wood art?
A bowl in the shape of a heart.


Where did you get your inspiration for your wood art piece?
The shape of the wooden off cut piece. It was natural to follow the shape as is with small modifications. The natural shape of this wood piece and it’s size dictated what I could carve out of it. I wanted to preserve the outer spiky form in particular and the outline of the off cut already had a triangular/heart looking form which I more or less followed and created the heart looking bowl.


What type of wood did you use?


What Arbortech tool/s did you use to create this piece?


What was your process in the creation of this project?

1. I started with the Arbortech Mini Grinder and the Woodcarving Blade only to realize the wood was too hard and it would take too long. I decided to switch to the TURBO Plane for a rough cavity shape on a dipper side of the bowl, then continue with the Mini TURBO to carve the internal shape.


2. Next, I used the Arbortech Mini Grinder and the mini Industrial Blade to make a more pronounced “heart” shape out of the bowl. For sanding, I used the Arbortech Contour Sander with several grits.


3. The last step was waxing and polishing.


How long did it take for you to complete this project?
Approximately 1 hour and a half to complete this project.


Where does this piece reside now?
It is on a dining table in my home, radiating love for all.


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