Arbortech AS170 Masonry Saw: The Ultimate Tool For Tradies

Arbortech’s AS170 brick + mortar saw is the ultimate tradesman’s tool which is ideal for all masonry restoration and renovation jobs. This versatile and powerful tool has been featured in the latest issue (Jan/Feb ’15) of BCM For Tradies magazine.

Check out the articles and feature below!


















The AS170 comes with a variety of different blades for the various trade jobs.



The AS170 masonry saw is ideal for electricians, plumbers, masons, builders but it isn’t just limited to these trades only.




Yep, a serious tool for serious work!



The AS170 named one of the top tools for 2015 in BCM For Tradies Magazine.

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  1. Dawn C. White Author September 6, 2017 (1:32 am)

    is it something like an oscillating saw?

    Reply to Dawn C. White
    • Alicia Ellen Author September 12, 2017 (11:21 am)

      Hi Dawn, it is a reciprocating saw that actually has a unique hammering action as well.

      Reply to Alicia Ellen

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