Contour Sander Screw & Flange: Tried & Tested at the Australian Woodsmith Magazine

The issue of the adhesive sanding pads flying off under high heat from use has been addressed with a prototype version of the screw and flange. We started production and testing of the screw and flange prototypes back in September last year. We provided the folks over at Australian Woodsmith magazine a sample of this prototype for testing and evaluation. Here is their evaluation based on their in house testing and published in the latest issue (Feb/March 2015). 

Arbortech Contour Sander Screw & Flange Fix
Click on the image for enlarged view

We also offered the screw and flange prototypes to customers who previously purchased the Arbortech Contour Sander via drect request. Our team has been working on production versions of the screw and flange and we will provide further updates over the next few weeks. if you have any queries about your Contour Sander or the screw and flange, please click here to send an inquiry.

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