Staff Woodworking Competition – Tailor By Christine Taylor

Created by Christine Taylor, Arbortech Secretary 

Novice woodworker? No 

Description of your wood art?

I like to eat fish, I love the flowing curves of a fish shape and a fish is a strong symbol of nature and my son loves fishing.
I had previously carved some fish and wanted to make a bigger (fatter) fish.  I found some rafters from our disassembled pergola in the garden and thought they would be suitable.  They were very suitable, however I was disappointed that by the time the wood was shaped around the fins the size of the body of the fish had diminished somewhat!

Where did you get your inspiration for your wood art piece?

Fish shapes and my son’s love of fishing.

What type of wood did you use?

Recycled jarrah.

What Arbortech tool/s did you use to create this piece?

  • TURBOPlane
  • Mini-TURBO
  • Contour Random Sander 
  • Mini Sanders

 How long did it take to complete this project?

The project probably took about 8 hours in total.

What was your process in the creation of this project?
  1.  Finalize the design and select the wood
  2. Shape the fish using Arbortech tools
  3. Oil sanded fish with Arbor-oil
  4. Make frame from recycled roof batten using miter and handsaw. 
  5. Assemble and hand fish in frame using hooks and fishing line.

Where does this piece reside now?

The Tailor is ‘swimming’ on the hearth in front of the fireplace at my house. It is enormously pleasurable and satisfying and amazing to see the finished product after visualizing the idea and collecting the raw materials.

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