Carving An Easter Bunny From A Tree Trunk Using The TURBOPlane

Carving An Easter Bunny From A Tree Trunk Using The TURBOPlane
This woodworking project of carving an Easter bunny from a tree trunk is courtesy of Arbortech’s German dealer/distributor, Bengs.


This is a translated version from the original German version.


Read on to see a guide on how to create this Easter bunny project and also watch the video of the project in progress.


The shape of the Easter Bunny is very simple so that is also for a beginner with no experience in carving sculptures feasible.


Arbortech Tools Used:


For German customers, you can purchase Arbortech tools here.


For Australian, US and international customers, Arbortech tools are available here.


Project Completion Time:  2 hours


As the material we use this time a trunk made of wood. It is advantageous if the timber is already dry otherwise the rabbit could get through the drying cracks later. The log used by us was still very fresh and very humid. The log should be initially divided by pencil marks in four areas.
  • Base
  • Hull of the Rabbit
  • Head
  • Ears


Now, it is advisable to individually edit each view. I’ve been using the Arbortech TURBO Plane started to carve the back part, and then the page views was made ​​and at the end of the front view. Thus, at some point A square hare. By doing so, you can very well correct and check if it looks good, the shape of hares. If you are happy with all views, the edges are broken and you can set individual body parts molding.



The ears I have done as a precaution the very end because I was worried that you could give me to cancel it by mistake. With the Industrial Woodcarver the shape of the ears will end up caught up and removed the connector between the two spoons. The Woodcarver is also well suited to shape the ears. The delicate ears I then worked up by Arbortech TURBO Plane. Since the TURBO Plane cutter disk is not only suitable for rough work but also for fine finishing work was also this work slight of hand. As a last resort, we could not indicated by the Industrial Wood Carver front and rear paws.
Finish the decoration is Easter Bunny!


Click on the image to watch the video of this project below.

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