Staff Woodwork Comp Winners 2015

Staff Woodwork Comp Winners 2015



Made by Steve Marsh
Steve is the Financial Controller at Arbortech and has discovered his love of woodworking after  using Arbortech tools, he has won the staff competition 2 years in a row.  His piece started out as a piece of Sheoak (West Australian timber) which he salvaged from his brother’s property many years ago so the there is a lovely aged colour to the wood.
The shape of the wood basically dictated shape of the sculpture and he started to play with hollowing out the log by using the Mini TURBO.  He then used the TURBO Shaft to get into those hard to reach places and create the deep channels as well as gently smoothing the shape of the wood.
Once he was happy with the overall shape he used the Contour Sander to sand the piece together with some hand sanding where needed.  Steve had always intended to put on some metal off cuts from the Arbortech Brick & Mortar Saw blades to represent his family however during the making of the piece it became more about life’s experience and journey.
Putting these metal pieces onto the piece proved to be one of the most difficult tasks due to their size and the way he wanted to attach them to the wood.  Steve pre-drilled all the holes and each piece of metal was screwed with 2 screws.  He then finished off the whole piece with oil.
Steve plans to mount the piece on a metal square with a supporting bracket to hold it upright in the garden.


  1. Unknown Author September 11, 2015 (4:57 pm)

    Amazing how a decayed piece of wood can be transformed into something so attractive .

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  2. Naza Noble Author December 15, 2015 (10:30 am)

    Its is nice post everyone like it and get many information.

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  3. Dustin T Author December 15, 2015 (3:22 pm)

    I've learned something new coming from you and I agree with that in your details mentioned. Big thanks!

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  4. farnandas Author April 17, 2016 (5:09 am)

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