10 Best Wood Chairs you can Power Carve with Arbortech Tools!

No.10 – Touch Wood Sculptures

This funky wood chair is hand carved from a single piece of Oak. Sculpted by Touch Wood Sculptures, it is retailing for approximately $7000 AUD! Taken from a 250 year old Oak tree that was felled for safety reasons, the Oak’s new form is minimalist, modern and somewhat rustic. The Industrial Woodcarver is a would be ideal for the initial removal of stock, followed by the TURBO Plane for the planing and medium sculpting components. The Mini Grinder would be the perfect option for getting into those tight spots around the arms and legs.

No.9 – Puzzle Stools

Wooden Puzzle Chair / Table (artist/ date unknown). This would be a great project to let the kids get involved with. Each piece is an individual stool or when combined it becomes a coffee table, talk about versatility and creativity in the home. Make the base of each piece out of solid timber for a more artistic or sculpted look with the TURBO Plane. Use the TURBO Shaft to create the puzzle shapes around the edges. You could also power carve or power chisel your family members names on each piece for a personalized touch – each piece belonging to a different family member but when put together it is symbolic of the family unit.

No.8 – Hugo Franca

This large wooden bench is a Cocoon like piece carved from trunks by Brazilian designer, Hugo Franca. Very cool piece of functional art.

No.7 – Leaf Chair

For Art Nouveau fans, this sculptural wood chair is from the Mountain Region of France, c1900. The carved detail in the leaf veins along with the narrow hard to reach places in the back legs can be power carved quickly and easily with the Mini Grinder.

No.6 – Hand Stools


We could barely handle ourselves when we came across these two hand inspired wood bar stools. Created in the 1960’s by Pedro Friedeberg these eclectic stools would add a touch of creativity and fun to any home. If you don’t feel ready to take on the bar stool size, why not create an ornament sized version for your home entry table!

No.5 – Anthropomorphic

This funky chair was made from Birch Plywood; it is called “Anthropomorphic” and was designed by Sergio Gill.  

No.4 – David Delthony

 A carved, laminated plywood chair created by David Delthony, c1985.

To sculpt a wood chair like this, (obviously adding a bit of your own style and flair!) you’ll need to stack laminate timber and bind them together with a strong wood adhesive such as Gorilla Wood Glue. Allow to set for a day or two and start sketching the design with a carpenter’s pencil. Power carve excess plywood away with the TURBO Plane in line with the design. You will need to alternate angling the TURBO Plane – flat to achieve a planning effect and on a slight angle to achieve the varying curves of this flowing design. You may need to consider the Mini TURBO or Mini Grinder to reach into the smaller concave areas such as the back rest.  Plane the right side a bit more than this version to achieve a flat surface for your tea or coffee!

No.3 – Glemham

Sophisticated and intricate – The “Glemham” by Alex Johnson took 6 months to complete with the help of tools such as Chisels and Gauges. Alex believes that people will admire his effort and decorate their home with this special wood chair. While this project was carved with traditional hands tools one could easily use power carving tools to create this magnificent carving in a fraction of the time.

No.2 – Dragon Throne

This Dragon throne made it to No.2 because of it’s size and intricate design / detail (artist/ date unknown). Game of Thrones fans would appreciate this throne in their home, perhaps a smaller version though…?

No.1 Scorpion Seat

This cool and crazy Scorpion chair made it to No.1! It was made by Russian artist  Vyacheslav Pakhomov. This handcrafted scorpion chair measures in at six and a half feet and is available with leather upholstery and a variety of wood finishes.
If the translation on his website is correct, it does seem to be available for purchase for the relatively modest sum of approximately $3,636. 
Which one will you try to power carve?


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  2. Unknown Author September 16, 2016 (6:24 am)
  3. Alicia Author September 16, 2016 (9:41 am)

    The Dragon is great! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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  4. Alicia Author September 16, 2016 (9:41 am)

    No.3 is pretty cool! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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  5. Anonymous Author September 18, 2016 (8:25 pm)

    #1, though all are great.

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  6. Carlien Author September 19, 2016 (1:05 am)

    #4 is my very favorite!

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  7. Peg Author September 19, 2016 (11:59 am)

    #5 just barely beat #6 in my opinion. I like all of them.

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  8. Alicia Author September 19, 2016 (4:28 pm)

    It's beautiful isn't it!

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    These two are unique/ a bit different, thanks for letting us know your thoughts!

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    #1 is my favorite, but #3 is very close…
    congtratulations to all artists!!!

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  11. Matthew Crabb Author March 4, 2019 (5:56 pm)

    Hello, the dragon chair is mine, I am Matthew Crabb. It was also 2nd place at the English open chainsaw carving championship in 2015. Sold for £2500.
    Instagram, matthew_crabb_dragon

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