The 2018 Arbortech Staff Power Carving Competition

The 2018 Arbortech Staff Power Carving Competition

It is that time of year again! Spring is well and truly on it’s way and Arbortech employees have been gathering in the workshop on Friday afternoons in Perth Western Australia, to prepare for the 2018 Annual Staff Power Carving Competition.

It’s an exciting and fun time of year as everyone in the office starts to chatter and bounce their creative woodworking ideas off of each other. Whilst some discuss their plans, others will disappear from their desks and head straight into the workshop. You can always tell though, as they often come back with the ultimate telltale sign of power carving, wood chips in their hair, stuck to their clothes and generally a chip trail throughout the office. Another great element of the competition is the tendency for the more experienced staff members’ to offer their help and guidance by giving handy tips and tricks to the newer staff members’. Much like a grandfather would hand down their woodworking expertise to their grandson, the Arbortech “oldies” are passing down their power carving expertise to the younger generation. It’s truly a great time of year and the competition really brings everyone together in the best way.


Watch the Competition Video Below!


The Competition was hosted in the beautiful courtyard at the Perth Office. Family members, friends and colleagues gathered to view and appreciate the various creations that were all crafted using the Arbortech power carving range of products.

This year we also welcomed a few new additions to the Arbortech family, and although they are new to woodworking they all picked up the tools and participated in the tradition. “It’s always nice to see new staff members come on board and be blown away by what they can achieve and how quickly they can achieve it with our tools” say Kevin Inskter. And this is true, every year a new staff member is shocked, almost confused by how easy the Arbortech woodworking tools are to use and at what they can do with them. But that’s what we are all about, making creativity with wood accessible and fun for almost anyone.

We also really encourage our staff to use the tools as much as possible to get their feedback and make improvements. So our customers can rest assured that everyone at Arbortech has tried and tested the tools, and ultimately created something beautiful with them!

Check out the entry pieces and please feel free to leave any questions or comments below!





  1. Bryant Jonathan Author January 23, 2019 (11:25 am)

    Comment: Woodcarving is a huge hobby that I have been practisinglately, and I am amazed at how your company can organize such a fantastic event. Looking at the product, I can see how enjoyable and pleasant it was when using those tools and I definitely want to purchase a product from Arbortech. Sometimes I get discouraged when the work was not like what I want, partly because the tool and the method I use was not very efficient. Great work and I have more reasons to believe that creavity has no limit if we have the right mind and the right tool.

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  2. woodwork Author July 26, 2019 (3:25 am)

    Wood carving helps you relax and rest from the rat race of the world. It helps you always be excited about new projects you may plan to carve and about what you already have accomplished. Being ancient and basic human craft, woodcarving can help you maintain peace of mind and confidence. Once you try it, you will not want to give it up.

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