More than three decades ago in a small country town of South West Australia, Kevin Inkster was prototyping Arbortech’s first commercial product known as the woodcarver blade. This small disc was sold as an attachment to an angle grinder and used for shaping wood in a way never before imagined. This new genre of woodworking is now commonly referred to as “Power Carving”. The TURBOPlane was launched in 2012 and is one of our most-loved products. Today, Arbortech proudly leads this industry with a truly revolutionary range of tools that have inspired our customer’s creative spirit around the world.

Challenging the norm was instilled in the company’s DNA from day one and the continual research and development of ideas by our dedicated R & D team continue to bear fruit with disruptive technologies. The successful Allsaw technology, used for cutting of mortar and brick without the need for lubrication combined with a clever hammering blade action is now in its third progressive model (AS175). Its unique ability to cut square, deep and with minimum dust into masonry walls offers a cleaner working environment which aligns well with the company’s Values and Principle of “respect for the individual and environment”

Whilst we are innovators, we are more than the tools we make. A collaborative, inclusive and diverse team is what allows us to achieve to the level that we do. Our culture is firmly rooted around our purpose and by adhering to our Values and Principles we practice what we believe.