Contour Sander FAQs and Troubleshooting

The Contour Sander fits most 4″ (100mm) and 4 1/2″ (115mm) angle grinders. However, when choosing an angle grinder to suit the blade, you should look for the following features:

  • An auxiliary handle
  • The on/off switch positioned on the top or side
  • At least 550 Watts power
  • Should have a spindle thread of: M14 (AUS and UK ) |  M14 (Europe) | 5/8″ (North America)

Yes, as long as the grinder is powerful enough and runs at a speed of 9000RPM or higher.

YES! Using the blade on the flat, and working the machine with two hands ensures the best visibility for the operator and also means that hands are kept well away from the work area.

Possible cause: Incorrect thread or adapter

Solution: Check thread, locate correct adapter


In Europe the shafts suits an M14 thread

In North America the shaft suits a 5/8″ UMC x 11 thread

In Australia the shaft suits an M14.

Possible Cause: Too much residue adhesive or dust on the pad

Solution: Clean pad by running rubber pad without sanding disc.

Click here to see the video.

Possible Cause:  Excessive flexing of the rubber pad in deep contours

Solution: Use plastic flange to hold either the paper or cloth discs.

Click here to see the video.

Please see instructions on how to fit sanding discs on the Contour Sander  in the video below:

Please note: It is normal for the Contour Sander to stop rotating under pressure, but should still orbit and sand.

Possible cause: Shaft axis not aligned correctly with grinder spindle

Solution: Check that the extension shaft has fully tightened to the base of grinder spindle. Do not use the base collar nut that is usually used to locate a grinding disc.

Possible Cause: Grinder spindle not accurate

Solution: Try on another grinder

Absolutely! See instructions on how to make your own sanding discs in the video below:

If you cannot find the answer to your question above, please email our technical support team: [email protected]