Power Chisel FAQs and Troubleshooting

  • Chisel could be upside down. Please refer to fitting instructions.
  • When inserting chisels into the extension arm press the chisel locking button down, then insert the chisel with the clamping groove of the chisel on the opposite side to the locking button. The chisel should snap firmly into place.

Note: When using new chisels for the first time, clean away the sticky coating.

That is normal because the chisel in spring loaded. Only when the chisel tip is pressed into the timber does the striking end of the chisel contact the cam and starts vibrating.

The cam has not been lubricated enough, causing the end of the chisel to over heat, and therefore wear rapidly. Using the Power Chisel with no or the wrong oil can cause premature failure of the Power Chisel tool.

It is very important that the felt  (small piece of felt fixed against the revolving cam) is maintained with a drop of oil every 30 minutes of use. We recommend you apply the oil more frequently if you are using a large chisel in hard wood.

WARNING: Utilising other oils will damage the tool and void the warranty.

The chisel anvil must always be lubricated. The lubrication point is located in heel of the Power Chisel. (see above)

The oil soaks into the felt strip which wipes oil onto the cam. The cam must be kept lubricated at all times.

Click here to go to our article on sharpening chisels.

Note: Chisels are extremely sharp and will become hot with prolonged use. Please use caution when handling chisels.

Warning: Always ensure that chisels are sharp! Blunt chisels will not cut and will wear the tool prematurely.

No, the Lubricating oil supplied with the Power Chisel is specially formulated for the high temperature and pressure applications.

WARNING: Utilising other oils will damage the tool and void the warranty.

If you cannot find the answer to your question above, please email our technical support team: [email protected]