Beyond Woodworking

Beyond Woodworking

Arbortech tools stand out above the rest in the freehand shaping and power carving market. Rumour has it that we invented ‘power carving’ and coined the term. We’re going with it.

It all started with a wood carving attachment to an angle grinder and went from there. We’ve got a deservedly great reputation in the power carving world and our attachments have always been fantastic quality.

We’ve been focusing on improving the motors in our power tools and have made some improvements we’re really proud of, and are now turning our hands towards adapting our tools for controlled carving and planing of wood.

While there is endless scope in woodworking, we’re exploring opportunities in masonry and concrete cutting with the development of the Allsaw and new concrete-cutting technology.

The Allsaw creates little to no dust compared with a diamond grinder that produces and spreads fine microscopic silica into the air.

Concrete is the second-most consumed resource on Earth and we’ve been trying and failing to cut it for years. We’re working on a solution we’re proud of and we think the technology is quite disruptive to the concrete cutting industry. Watch this space!

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