Carvers at the Ready!

Carvers at the Ready!

It's that time of the year when we dive into creativity with our much-anticipated Staff Power Carving Competition.

This annual event inspires our team to unleash their woodworking skills, carving up projects around a theme.

This year's theme, 'Recycled,' adds an eco-conscious twist to celebrate our recent B Corp certification.

The rules are simple: create a power carving project inspired by the theme and incorporate at least one Arbortech tool. We then transform our Perth courtyard into a pop-up art haven. Laughter, live music from the Arbortech band, delicious food, and great prizes set the stage for a fun-filled afternoon with family, colleagues, and friends.

PC Comp Gallery Image 1

Celebrating a decade of the Power Carving Comp with the unveiling of new trophies and an honor board for the previous winners!

PC Comp Gallery Image 2

Projects from our staff members were displayed for everyone to admire and to crown the winner!

PC Comp Gallery Image 3

Boro, from our R&D Department, won Kevin's Inaugural 'Kev's Pick' award.

PC Comp Gallery Image 4

More projects in sitchu.

PC Gallery Image 5

A fun-filled day for staff, family and friends to enjoy!

PC Comp Gallery Image 6

Wonky Vase" - voted third best and was presented the 'Champion Chip Carver' award.

PC Comp Gallery Image 7

Not just for those in Oz, we extend the competition to our staff members in North America and Europe. Here is Anja, a part of our German team, carving up a storm!

PC Gallery Gallery Image 9

Winner, winner! A fun take on the ever-so popular 'Elf On A Shelf' - but make it powercarved!

At Arbortech, we're a diverse bunch—from super-competitive enthusiasts to humble creators. Each individual is respected for their contribution to the competition and their role in the company. Co-founder Kevin Inkster notes, "The knowledge gained from using our tools is invaluable, not to mention the joy of discovering one's creative side."

This year marks a momentous milestone as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Staff Power Carving Competition. What an achievement! In the spirit of creativity, camaraderie, and craftsmanship, we look forward to many more years of carving excellence at Arbortech.

"The knowledge gained from using our tools is invaluable, not to mention the joy of discovering one's creative side."

Without further ado, let's extend a hearty round of applause to this year's outstanding winners:

People's Choice Winners
'Couple With Glasses'

Champion Chip Carvers
'Rocky the Rooster'
'Wonky Vase'

Kev’s Pick
'One Spoon a Day'

Kids Choice Award
'Nature’s Smile'

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