Small but mighty

Small but mighty

All hail the mighty angle grinder and its myriad of uses. Metal, mortar, paint and rust don’t stand a chance. And while the beloved angle grinder and its merry band of attachments may be the salt-and-pepper staple of many a tradesman’s tool bag, sometimes, just sometimes, there are situations where you need something a little smaller.

Grinder loyalists hear us out.

Like a work-related game of twister, our R&D team acted out the situations where it was just downright uncomfortable or ineffective to get an angle grinder or tiling tool to do the job you want. 

We’re talking about grout cleaning, trying to remove rust from inside a pipe, trying to maneuver a grinder through an engine bay, trying not to completely butcher a wall because you need to cut a small square or trying to grind in between too-close-together metal poles. 

MG Trade Gallery 1

Mini Grinder Trade in action!

MG Trade Gallery 2

The sanding system consists of a rubber backing pad and assorted grit sanding discs. This is ideal for sanding timber, polishing metal, rust removal, paint removal, and similar applications.

MG Trade Gallery 3

The extension arm make it ideal for reaching tight spots that other grinders simply cannot compete with.

MG Trade Gallery 4

The Diamond Disc allows the user to cut tiles more precisely than ever before.

So we made a smaller disc for finer work like grout removal, restoration metalwork and detailed masonry, and we added an extension arm to make it easier to get into tight spots. 

And just because our R&D team can’t let these things go, of course it has fantastic dust extraction and vibration reduction, as well as a diamond disc, a grinding disc and an entire sanding system, all wrapped up in a sleek, black design. 

Turns out, all these features make the small grinder incredibly intuitive and ideal for tile and grout removal, even for home renovators.

fitted with our
most powerful motor yet

It’s mini. It grinds. It's made for trades. We called it Mini Grinder Trade. Clever, we know. 

Turns out, big boys toys can come in small packages.

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