World Environment Day

World Environment Day

You’ll have to forgive us for banging on about sustainability, but we’re going to do it again. We’re making moves to become B Corp certified and it’s a really big deal for us. We want to be recognised for the value we place on addressing the social and environmental impacts of our business as well as for our accountability and transparency, and World Environment Day on 5 June has us even more focused and motivated towards that goal. 

This June marks 50 years since the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in 1972, which is widely regarded as the first international meeting on the environment.  At that conference, they came up with the idea for World Environment Day, and it’s been celebrated every year since 1974.

Millions of people across the world celebrate the day and pledge to make a commitment to raise awareness and celebrate environmental action. 

The 2022 World Environment Day campaign #OnlyOneEarth calls for collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.

Not all of these trees are being used by woodcarvers shaping coffee tables in their garage

So we’re pledging our commitment and expanding our efforts to move away from overseas manufacturing and make more of our products in-house to reduce our carbon footprint.  

Some components for Arbortech products are unavoidably sourced overseas because the materials are simply not available in Australia, but we introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct to make sure we are working with companies who share our values on sustainability. 

We read again recently that 15 billion trees are cut down each year. Granted, not all of these trees are being used by woodcarvers shaping coffee tables in their garage, but still, every September we donate a tree for every core woodworking product sold on our Australian website through our partnership with Carbon Neutral

World Environment Gallery 1

The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor is located in South West Australia. Thanks to our partnership with Carbon Neutral we are assisting in the revegetation of the land by donating native plants.

World Environment Gallery 3

We heavily invest in manufacturing technologies so we can maintain quality control and keep the manufacturing process in Australia wherever we can.

World Environment Gallery 4

Dreamed, designed and assembled right here in Western Australia since 1983!

World Environment Gallery 5

Adios, plastic packaging! We recently stepped away from plastic packaging and migrated to a recyclable cardboard box with a biodegradable pulp insert for all of our woodworking attachments.

World Environment Gallery 2

Working hard to reduce our carbon footprint, no matter how big or small, pictured here are solar panels recently installed at our Australia headquarters.

Kevin Inkster is a strong advocate for recycled wood and our woodworking tools are specifically designed so they can be used on any piece of wood, no matter if it’s scrap or discarded. 

Kevin is the master of seeing the piece of wood first and making the project based on that, not looking for the perfect piece of wood for his projects. He believes truly incredible things can be made without having to cut down more trees.

We always say it’s the little differences that collectively have a big impact and we’re on board for the big impact. 

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