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Sustainability and Values

Sustainability and Values

Doing it right

We place a lot of value on who we are as a business and how we contribute to society. We are determined to take steps, however small, towards becoming better ‘global citizens’ for both society and the environment.

While creating a carbon footprint is unavoidable, it’s a genuine concern for us and we are constantly looking for ways we can reduce our impact on the environment.

We think it’s like a ‘slow fashion’ movement for the tool industry because our products are built to last and shouldn’t need to be replaced. Make it once and make it properly.

We take great pride in

what we’re

Australian made 

We are genuinely proud if we can make things in Australia. We have heavily invested in in-house machinery so we can maintain quality control, reduce our carbon footprint and keep the manufacturing process in Australia wherever we can.

So much of what we buy as consumers is disposable and we don't want that feel to rub off on our products. We proudly brand some of our parts ‘made in Australia’ because we take great pride in what we’re making and it represents quality. 

We are moving away


Good for the planet

Our woodworking tools are designed in such a way that they can be used on a piece of scrap wood, rather than using dressed or milled timber.

We are even moving away from single-use plastic, migrating to a recyclable cardboard box.

Arbortech Environmentally Smarter Packaging

Adios, plastic packaging!

We’re committed to reducing our impact, being more environmentally friendly and rethinking how we do business. We realise that little changes to our packaging can make a big difference, and that is why in recent years, we have stepped away from plastic and migrated to a recyclable cardboard box with a biodegradable pulp insert for all of our woodworking attachments.

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Arbortech Tree Planting

Partnering with Carbon Neutral

Arbortech and Carbon Neutral would like to thank all our generous customers who shopped with us during our ‘Plant-A-Tree’ initiative in late 2021. During the month of September, we donated a plant for every core woodworking product sold via our Australian online store. The native tree or shrub species will be planted as part of their ‘Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor’ project.

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit.” We think Aristotle was onto something. While some may think it’s just lip service, we genuinely believe and live our values - as a company and as individuals. It feeds into everything we do and every decision we make, and we’re not shy to turn down an opportunity if it doesn’t sit well with us or within the salient boundaries we have created. 


Respect for the individual and the environment


An open and honest approach in all dealings


Financially, environmentally and ethically


Innovation and manufacturing of environmentally sound quality products with high customer value

Continuous Development

Continuous development of our people and practices


Provide a safe and enjoyable work environment


Create value for all stakeholders by adhering to these values and principles

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