Arbortech produces revolutionary woodworking power tools and attachments that carry a reputation for unparalleled performance, safety, control and versatility.

All Arbortech woodworking tools are designed with free form, power carving in mind. They are efficient and fun alternatives to traditional woodworking tools, helping woodworkers, wood artists and wood sculptors around the world achieve more in less time.

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A range of revolutionary woodworking attachments ideal for freehand sculpting, planing and template work. These attachments fit on most standard 100mm or 115mm grinders. 

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Equipped with dedicated high performance grinder motors, the Complete Tools range includes the Mini-Grinder and Power Chisel.

Explore Industrial Blades

Carve with smoothness, efficiency and control. Ideal for fast wood removal and cutting actions.

Explore Ball Gouge

The Ball Gouge is a ball-shaped cutter attachment that will fit most standard 100mm (4”) or 115mm (4 ½ “) grinders. Rapidly power carve hollows in wooden spoons and small bowls. Create chisel-like textures on wood surfaces.

Explore Sanding

Random orbital sanding action technology that fits any standard 100mm or 115mm grinder. Ideal for sanding tight contours. For combined control, flexibility and speed when sanding.

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