Specifically designed for trade applications, the Mini Grinder Trade is yet another highly versatile Arbortech tool. With an extension arm, this tool is perfect for reaching tight spots other grinders can’t reach. The Mini Grinder Trade is very useful for metalworking, grout removal, tile cutting, stone carving, surface finishing, and rust removal.

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Extension Arm

This unique feature allows for accessibility and is perfect for getting into tight spots seamlessly with precision and high visibility. It allows the user to be accurate in cutting and getting into hard to reach places that cannot be accessed with a conventional grinder.

Mini Carver Variable Speed

Variable Speed

The 6 speed settings range from 6,000 to 18,000 RPM, allowing the user to control the aggressiveness of grinding and sanding operations.

Vibration Reduction

A vibration reducing handle increases user comfort and ergonomics. To add to this, the Mini Grinder Trade is a compact, lightweight option for grinding, yet it does not compromise on performance.


Dust Collection

The Dust Extraction Attachment can be fitted to the tool and attached to a vacuum hose. This feature keeps work spaces free from silica dust, particularly important for those who perform their work in small, poorly ventilated areas.

50mm Grinding Disc

The 50mm Grinding Disc is the ideal disc for metalworking. This disc is significantly smaller than standard grinder discs which allows the user to clean up welds and grind or cut in hard to reach places that can’t be accessed with larger grinding discs. This would be the perfect disc for metalworkers, welders and car restorators.


50mm Diamond Disc

The Diamond Disc allows the user to cut tiles more precisely than ever before. With a small disc and an extension arm, tile cutting has never been easier. This versatile disc takes the user through tile cutting, re-grouting, cement board cutting and stone carving with a single blade.

Sanding System

The sanding system consists of a rubber backing pad and assorted grit sanding discs (80,180, 320). This is ideal for sanding timber, polishing metal, rust removal, paint removal and similar applications. The rubber pad sits behind the sanding disc to add robustness and flexibility which will ultimately:

1) Increase the life of the sanding disc, resulting in a lower rate for replacement

2) Help the sanding discs mould better to the metal or timber


What's Included


Mini Grinder Trade 710W Power Tool
50mm Diamond Disc
50mm Grinding Disc
Rubber Pad (Sanding)
Sanding Discs (80, 180, 320 grit)
Dust Extraction Accessory
Arbortech Carry Bag

12 Months Warranty