Mini Grinder Discontinued

The Mini Grinder is a free hand power carving tool that comes with a dedicated Arbortech Grinder motor. It is the most versatile woodcarving tool that you’ll ever own. It is easy to use, and the unique shape allows you excellent visibility.

Deep Profile
Detail Carving
Rough Shaping
Template Work
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The Mini Grinder has been discontinued. To access support materials for the Mini Grinder please visit the Mini Grinder Support Page.

To purchase Mini Grinder compatible parts and accessories please visit the Mini Grinder parts and accessories page.


Safety and Control

The clever design of the tool and the extension arm together offers excellent visibility, control and safety.

So you can get the best results possible.

Mini Grinder sculpting hard to reach areas of wood projects
Mini Grinder carving texture and lines into wood


The Arbortech Mini-Grinder has 710 Watts of power, so you can achieve more in less time.

Ideal for medium wood removal and detailed carving.

Perfect for burls, busts, relief carving, totem poles and even carving soft stone.

MiniGrinder sculpting


This freehand power carving tool is easy to use. You can do everything from rough shaping, to fine detailing and even sanding hard to reach places.

There are a number of different 50mm (2″) blades and attachment accessories available for a variety of applications.

Whats Included

Mini Grinder Kit
  • Mini Grinder 710W Power Tool
  • 2 x 50mm (2″) Grinding Blades
  • Pack Assorted Sanders

Get Inspired to use the Mini Grinder

Decorative Centrepiece Bowl
Decorative Centrepiece Bowl
Leaf Shaped Wooden Bowl
Leaf Shaped Wooden Bowl
Sausage Dog Tray
Sausage Dog Tray
Power carved wooden twist table
Power carved wooden twist table

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Manufactured in Australia l 12 Month Warranty