Scrape away your tears!

Scrape away your tears!

We're excited to announce the launch of our latest power carving innovation: the TURBO Scraper. A fantastic addition to any woodworker's toolkit, this attachment is the perfect finisher and your new go-to for delicate, intricate projects.

The uniquely designed disc of the TURBO Scraper effectively minimises tear-out and chipping due to its negative cutting angle. Controlled by pressure, this tool delicately glides over wood, ensuring a flawless result every time. The precision in its design renders unparalleled accuracy, making it particularly well-suited for highly detailed carving work.

"I created the TURBO Scraper as an improved alternative to Burr Discs, aiming for a wood-cutting tool with qualities like smoothness, control, no digging, and a great finish. It's a turbocharged hand scraper, designed to enhance woodworking performance."

- Kevin Inkster, co-founder Arbortech Tools

Curious about how the TURBO Scraper differs from our other tools like the TURBOPlane and Industrial Woodcarver?
Let's explore the unique features that set the TURBO Scraper apart in the world of power carving!

TURBO Scraper:

  • Superior alternative to traditional hand scrapers or Burr Discs
  • See through to carving project, excellent for precision in finer, delicate work
  • Ideal for shaping spoons, internal, and external shapes with minimal sanding


  • Can be for templates or used flat to create large level surfaces, or used at angles to provide shallow cuts for shaping, planing, and sculpting
  • Features a benign edge for easy guiding
  • Perfect for swift wood removal

Industrial Woodcarver:

  • Effortlessly plunges into wood
  • Cuts precisely on the edge
  • The fastest Arbortech attachment for rapid wood removal and shaping

Explore more about the TURBO Scraper here.

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