Industrial Woodcarver Blade incl. ProGuard Kit

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The Industrial Woodcarver™ is the professional choice in rotary woodcarving.This blade carves the hardest and the softest wood with equal smoothness, efficiency and control. Unlike the other 100mm Arbortech blades, this blade can be used for straight cuts in wood projects. The Industrial Woodcarver™ is designed to fit the Power Carving Unit™ or any standard 100mm (40") or 115mm (4 1/2") grinder.

Industrial Woodcarver Kit
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The Clever Bits

Tungsten Carbide Teeth

Tungsten Carbide Teeth

Quality cutting teeth that can be rotated and replaced.
Safety Guard

Safety Guard

Can be used as a depth gauge and guide for straight cuts.
Round Cutting Teeth

Round Cutting Teeth

The round shape of the cutting teeth allows for smooth multi directional shaping.

Rapid Wood Removal

The Industrial Woodcarver™ provides woodworkers with the fastest and easiest method of freehand shaping and carving any form of timber. Known as the tool that launched the power carving movement, the Industrial Woodcarver™ carves the hardest and the softest wood with equal smoothness, efficiency and control.


The ideal blade for freehand power carving in hard and softwood for medium to larger projects. The Industrial Woodcarver™ is ideal for fast wood removal in sculpting (burls, busts, chairs, rocking horses, etc.) Quickly create rough shapes, trenching, and straight cuts into almost wood type. Can be used on dirty wood or otherwise discarded scrap wood and firewood.

Safety & Control

The Industrial Woodcarver™ Pro Kit comes with an adjustable ProGuard. This can be used as a depth gauge and a guide for straight cutting whilst also protecting the user from the cutting edge and stray wood chips.


This high-quality blade comes with replaceable tungsten carbide teeth, that can be rotated and replaced for optimum performance and longevity.

    • 1 x Industrial Woodcarver™ Blade
    • 1 x Nylon Reducing Washer
    • 1 x Clear Super Tough Polycarbonate Guard
    • 1 x Torx Key Assorted Screws as required
    • Angle Grinders: 115mm (4 ½”) and 125mm (5”)
    • Spindle size:
      EUR & AUS: Suits M14 only
      North America: Suits 5/8” only
    • Rpm: Max. 12,000
  • Please visit the product support page for more information.

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