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Mini TURBO Kit 50mm Freehand Carving Attachment

SKU: MIN.FG.510.21
$179.00 RRP: $179.00
au Australian Made


The Mini TURBO™ is designed to fit the Power Carving Unit™ or any standard 4" (100mm) or 4 1/2" (115mm) angle grinder with a 5/8" spindle. This is an ideal tool to be used freehand or with guides and templates for accuracy. The blade size and extended shaft make previously impossible cuts and shapes now possible. The kit also provides the ability to convert the Mini TURBO™ into an effective sanding tool, making it perfect for medium sized sculpting projects from start to finish.

Mini TURBO Kit
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The Clever Bits

Cutting Edge Design

Cutting Edge Design

No teeth on the periphery of the disc, making it ideal for template work.
Tungsten Carbide Teeth

Tungsten Carbide Teeth

Quality cutting teeth that can be rotated and replaced.
Transforms Your Angle Grinder

Transforms Your Angle Grinder

The extension adapter and compact circular blade combine to help you access previously hard-to-reach depths of small to medium woodworking projects.
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Versatility in One Tool

Perfect for freehand shaping, sanding, and template work.

You can transform the Mini TURBO™ into an efficient sanding tool. Simply add the sanding discs to quickly sand those hard-to-reach areas the Mini TURBO™ initially helped you sculpt and carve.

Deep Internal Profiles

The Shaft extension adapter (2.4" - 6.2cm) and compact circular blade combine to help you access previously hard-to-reach depths of small to medium woodworking projects.

Template Work

Specifically designed with no teeth on the periphery of the blade to allow for template work and the use of guides, giving the Mini TURBO™ the added versatility for precise, consistent cutting action.


The two carbide cutting teeth are hard-wearing, can be rotated to expose the unused cutting sides, and are also replaceable, making the Mini TURBO™ one of the longest-lasting woodworking attachments on the market.

Safety and Control

The SafeBlade technology means that there is limited cutting exposure on the perimeter of the blade, improving safety and reducing the risk of catching.

    • Mini TURBO™ Blade
    • Extension Adapter ( Shaft )
    • 47 mm Rubber Backing Pad
    • 80 Grit Sanding Discs
    • 180 Grit Sanding Discs
    • 320 Grit Sanding Discs
    • Torx Key included in the Assembly Parts
    • Assembly Parts
    • Angle Grinders: 115mm (4 ½”) and 125mm (5”)
    • Spindle size:
      EUR & AUS: Suits M14 only
      North America: Suits 5/8” only
    • Rpm: Max. 12,000
  • Please visit the product support page for more information.

    Product Support

Ideas & Projects

DIY Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter

Complete within a few short hours!
Power Carved Garden Light

Power Carved Garden Light

Turn a split log into a wooden light.
Rustic Beach House Sign

Rustic Beach House Sign

Make a super simple rustic beach house sign with raised letters.

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