Power Carving Unit Woodworking Tool 710W

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The Power Carving Unit™ is the ideal power source to optimize all of your Arbortech attachments. This first-of-its-kind grinder was designed specifically with woodworking in mind to help take your power carving to the next level.

TURBOPlane™ sold seperately. 

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The Clever Bits

Leveling Guide

Leveling Guide

Adjustable depth for precise or rough planing.
Hook and Loop

Hook and Loop

Fast and easy attachment of sanding discs.
Dust Extraction

Dust Extraction

Chip and dust extraction, with or without a vacuum.

Sanding Pad

Designed for gentle shaping and initial sanding stages, this high-performance flexible sanding pad is ideal for sanding medium to large projects.

The Sanding Pad can be used with the Leveling Guide for completely even finishes or with the Chip Catcher attached to a vacuum for premium dust collection, minimizing cleanup.

Chip Catcher

Attach to a vacuum to collect dust and chips during shaping and sanding stages.

Sanding Stage: fit the Sanding Pad into the Chip Catcher and attach to a vacuum to extract wood dust during sanding.

Carving Stage: fit to the Chip Tube or a vacuum to keep your shop cleaner when working with the TURBOPlane™ (not included).

Leveling Guide

The versatile Leveling Guide can be used with the Sanding Pad to achieve an incredibly level and smooth finish, and with the TURBOPlane™ (not included) to function as a precision planer with adjustable cutting depth.

Dust Extraction

Designed to keep your workspace cleaner and safer, with or without a vacuum.

TIP: Even without a vacuum, once connected to the Chip Catcher or Leveling Guide, the Chip Tube will funnel wood chips straight into a bucket or collection area.


Variable Speed
6 variable speed settings ranging from 2,000 rpm to 11,000rpm means you can adjust speed of carving and sanding to suit your needs. Lower speed settings are recommended when utilizing the 100mm Sanding Pad (included) as well as the sanding function of the Mini TURBO™ (not included).

Enhanced Ergonomics
The vibration reducing handle further increases user comfort and ergonomics. With a soft start, the Power Carving Unit™ has a gradual increase from zero to full performance speed with no abrupt jolts.

    • 1x 710W Power Unit 
    • 1x Leveling Guide
    • 1x Chip Catcher
    • 1x Chip Tube
    • 1x Sanding Pad
    • 3x Sanding Discs (per grit) - 60, 120, 180, 240 grit
    • 1x Fan
    • 1x Extra Brush Set
    • 1x Arbortech Carry Bag 
    • Range Speed 2,000 rpm - 11,000 rpm
    • Max Blade Dia. 4” (100mm)
    • Max Blade Dia. with Metal Guard 4 ½” (115mm)
    • Disc Bore 7/8” (22.2mm)
    • Power Output 8 Amp (960W)
    • Rating US/CAN: AC, 110-120V, 60Hz
    • Tool Weight Approx. 4.6 lbs (2.1kg)
  • Please visit the the product support page for more information.

    Product Support

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